Zelensky continues with the reorganization of his military leadership with the appointment of four new commanders

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskycontinued today with the changes in the military leadership, by naming four new commanders at the head of the Land Forcesthe Territorial Defense Forcesthe Combined Forces and of the Airborne Forces.

The Ukrainian president signed the corresponding decrees this Sunday, after appointing a new Chief of the General Staff, Anatolí Bargilievichand appoint the deputies of this and the new commander in head of the Armed Forces, Oleksandr Sirski.

The new commanders in the military leadership

The new commander of the Land Forcesa position until now held by Sirskiis the lieutenant general Oleksandr Pavliuk, Deputy Minister of Defense from February 2023 and previously head of the Military Administration of the kyiv Region.

The head of the forces of Territorial Defense is the major general Igor Plajutawho previously commanded the Separate Presidential Brigade and headed the southern command of the National Guard in Odessaaccording to the newspaper The Kyiv Independent.

In turn, the head of the Ukrainian Airborne Forces He is the brigadier general Igor Skibiukuntil now attached to this position and with experience in leading the 80th Air Assault Brigade.

Lastly, the Combined Forces They will be led by Lieutenant General Yuri Sodol, former head of the Ukrainian Marine Corps.

These appointments are part of the remodeling of the Ukrainian military leadership that started with the cessation, this Thursday, from the until now commander in head of the Armed Forces, Valeri Zaluzhnidecorated the day after his dismissal with the title of Hero of Ukraine.

According to Europa Pressthese appointments imply the promotion of lower-ranking military personnel as deputy to the head of the Army, bypassing numerous generals, on a day in which he stressed that “Russian terrorists will be held accountable for all their actions.”

In fact, Zelensky spent the entire day yesterday in meetings with new military leadership to appoint commanders with combat experience to lead different areas of responsibility. In particular, he appointed leaders at the forefront of unmanned systems and drone development; innovation in technological components and combat systems; Logistics; the training of soldiers; and operational work, planning and management of military personnel.

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