Zelensky came to Milei’s swearing-in with his personal guard, national hero and Ukrainian ‘sex symbol’

He Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky arrived in Argentina this weekend under strict security measures: in fact, the itinerary of his plane was not revealed until it landed in Buenos Aires. With his country at war with Russia, which has him as its main objective, the Ukrainian leader does not skimp on care and was accompanied this time by his main personal guard.

He head of Zelensky’s security team, Maksym Donetsa well-trained 45-year-old soldier who became a kind of national hero in Ukraine, was seen this Sunday in a discreet background, behind the president at all times, when he attended the swearing-in of President Javier Milei in the National Congress .

Photo gallery of Milei’s inauguration: the guests, the laughter with Cristina Kirchner, the street and the walk with Karina

Maksym Donets

Who is Maksym Donets, Volodimir Zelensky’s personal guard

Since his appointment in 2019, Donets accompanies the Ukrainian president sun and shade and his presence became common in Zelensky’s frequent publications on social networks.. He is even considered a “sex symbol” by many of the president’s followers, according to Newsweek.

Originally from Kryvyi Rih, the city where Zelensky grew up, Donets graduated from the Institute of Economics at the Vadim Getman National University of Economics and previously worked as a bodyguard for oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, a millionaire who supported Zelensky’s 2019 presidential campaign.

Donets controls all the president’s movements Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, he accompanied him to places where Russian atrocities were committed and is often photographed in combat zones.including Kharkiv, Kherson and Bakhmut.

Milei’s baton: it is not Pallarols’ and has his “four-legged children” carved into it.

Maksym Donets

Maksym Donets

The Zelensky’s former press secretary Iuliia Mendel, said in an interview that the chief bodyguard “is totally, absolutely and completely dedicated to his job; he is very hard-working, very devoted to the president.” “You can’t know much about bodyguards, and if you know, you can’t say it,” he explained.

He is observing everything around the president, everything that is happening“said Mendel. “He knows everyone and everywhere, what is going to happen, every next step, where they are going to go. The president is a very flexible person, sometimes he wants to change plans. Therefore, for Donets it is always a challenge. AND“He manages, and it shows that he is really dedicated and really professional.”


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