Zagreb: More than a thousand protesters on the May Day march “For Croatia satisfied workers”


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More than a thousand protesters gathered on the May Day march under the slogan “Workers satisfied for Croatia” demanding more secure jobs, better wages and working conditions from the Croatian government and employers, reports Anadolu Agency (.).

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Croatia (SSSH) marked the International Labor Day with a traditional march on the streets, a protest march called “For Croatia satisfied workers” in which more than a thousand protesters marched from the Workers ‘Home to Radnička cesta where the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP) ).

During the march, the president of SSSH Mladen Novosel and the presidents of the united unions pointed out two basic demands: wage growth by 2026 so that the average wage reaches 1,500 euros and the minimum 750 euros and strengthening the collective bargaining system and increasing the number of collective agreements, especially sectoral ones.

Novosel pointed out that the basic requirements for eight hours of war, eight hours of rest and eight hours of sleep have not yet been met in today’s Croatia.

“Croatia is at the bottom with the price of labor and the attitude towards workers in the European Union,” Novosel said.

He warned that workers from Croatia go to work in other EU countries, while Croatia imports labor from the east, saying that these workers, due to poorer working conditions, will not stay in Croatia for long.

Trade union speakers sent messages to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, employers and their associations that refuse to bargain collectively, especially on the basis of recent trade union initiatives associated with the UAS.

Buses and a tractor took part in the protest march to draw special attention to the difficult situation in the transport sector and agriculture.

Protesters displayed banners reading some of the messages: “Expect resistance, we’re just getting started”, “Fax to minimum”, “Don’t make me go to Ireland”, “Vacation is resistance – resistance is vacation”, “Time for better is normal” ”…

After two years of pandemic and restrictions caused by coronavirus, the International Labor Day in Zagreb is again marked by gathering citizens for free beans in Maksimir Park organized by the City of Zagreb where, in addition to music performances and educational workshops, visitors can expect 30,000 servings of beans and 15,000 servings of štruklji.

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