YouTube to amend inappropriate language guidelines amid protests from content creators

MADRID, Jan. 16 (Portaltic/EP) –

Youtube is working on the modification of current guidelines on inappropriate language and adult contentin order to “address the concerns” of content creators, who have suffered old video demonetizations by the new criteria.

The company established in November 2022 nail guidelines to reduce insults and profanity in videos, toyes like, decrease violent images and harmful and dangerous actseven if it is about video game scenes, as YouTube develops on its help page.

In this way, the videos that include this type of content in the title, thumbnail image, or in the first seven seconds of the video are demonetized. It also happens if it is a repeated act throughout the video. That is, they stop displaying advertising and, consequently, generating income for the content creator.

These new guidelines they are also affecting the videos That shared on YouTube prior to the integration of the measures. That is, old videos are being demonetized for content that, when the video was published, was allowed.

Faced with this situation, content creators have expressed their complaints against the platform asking for solutions. In this sense, the YouTube spokesman Michael Acimanhas indicated that in recent weeks they have been listening to the creators’ comments on the update, according to statements made to TechCrunch and collected by Europa Press.

For this reason, Aciman has stressed that “this feedback is important” and, based on the comments, has announced that YouTube is working to “make some adjustments to that policy and address your concerns.” “We’ll follow up shortly with our community of creators as soon as we have more to share,” he said.

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