YouTube ensures that the appearance of multiple ads in a row was part of a “little experiment”

File – YouTube resource. – KON KARAMPELAS / UNSPLASH – Archive

MADRID, Sep. 19 (Portaltic/EP) –

Youtube has ensured that the appearance of up to ten advertisements without the possibility of skipping them before the reproduction of the videos was part of an experiment with a format you’ve called ‘ad capsule’ (‘ad pods’).

YouTube users have seen in recent weeks that the appearance of ads on the platform have grown both in number and duration. In some cases, this situation has led to the reproduction of up to ten ads in a rowwithout the possibility of skipping them.

Given the complaints, the Team YouTube account explained that it was due to a type of advertising format called ‘bumper ad’, which shows several consecutive ads at the beginning of a video and lasting approximately six seconds, which does not allow the user to skip them. .

Now, in statements to 9to5Google, the technology company has assured that it was part of a “little experiment”” which has now concluded, in which “multiple ads were displayed in an ad pod when users viewed longer videos on connected TVs“.

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