Yolanda Díaz: “Sumar can be a real shock, but there are still a lot of people missing”

The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, firmly believes that Sumar is the “secret for a progressive coalition” and that it can be a “revulsion”, but warns that there is still a way to go to, above all, attract more people.

This was expressed by Díaz herself this Wednesday during an appearance before the media at the Ministry of Labor. The Vice President and Secretary of State for Employment, Joaquin Perez Reyhave previously held a meeting with platforms and organizations of the Home Help Service.

“Sumar is unstoppable and is a secret for a new progressive coalition; It can be a real revulsion, I sense it clearly. In Sumar, what is missing is too many people, many hands, intelligence and hearts are needed, “Díaz said when asked about her project.

Although in her team they are already evaluating the possibility of clearing up the question of whether Díaz is going to be a candidate in the next general elections earlier than expected, the head of Labor has insisted that Sumar’s development is “a slow process, focused on resolving the problems of citizenship.

“There are still a lot of people missing. we have to add a lot to win the country, building bridges, shaking hands. If there are no agreements in politics, we will not advance socially, and this is what Sumar is about, a movement that is gaining strength by itself and where I am only a part”, he explained.

The vice president has advanced that this same month of December it is very likely that one of the 35 working groups of the so-called listening process (those in charge of preparing the project program) will present their conclusions, although the end of all the work is scheduled for the months of February and March.

“I have already visited and traveled to many parts of Spain, as soon as I return from the trip now (to Latin America) I will go to Aragon. The Sumar process is unstoppable, that is what I want to tell you,” he added. Díaz has also been asked about her relationship with Podemos being broken, something she has ruled out: “This morning I spoke with the general secretary of Podemos (Ione Belarra) and we worked hard for our country”, he concluded.

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