Yolanda Díaz presents Ada Colau as the progressive benchmark and ensures that the right will not govern in Barcelona

The head of the Barcelona en Comú list and mayoress of the city, Ada Colauhas started the first weekend of the electoral campaign backed again by the vice president, Yolanda Diazwith the predisposition to chain a third term and to agree with other progressive forces to win the race to the right.

“We must be very clear about who is next to us and, even if we have differences, we vindicate the governments of progressive coalitions,” Colau said at the ceremony that took place this Saturday in the Nou Barris main square in Barcelona.

Under the motto “Barcelona opens the way”, Colau has assured in front of dozens of people: “We know that we have clear options to win, but it will be tight”.

The rain has surprised the attendees for a few minutes, who have resisted under the umbrellas, who have resisted under the umbrellas to listen to the proposal of the party that has headed the latest CIS survey. According to these same forecasts, hot on his heels is the PSC candidate, Jaume Collboni.

The mayoress of Barcelona and BComú candidate for re-election, Ada Colau (c) during her speech this Saturday at an electoral act in Barcelona’s Nou Barris. quique garcia / EFE

Policies for working people

During the meeting, the candidate for Barcelona in Comú ha charged against Trias modelwho “wants to roll out red carpets” for the most privileged and who “has shown that he wants to tear down” everything they have built.

“It is worrying that Collboni’s speech is increasingly similar to that of Trias”, Ada Colau

He also added that “the surprise is that the PSC has opened the door to an agreement with Junts per Catalunya” and that “it is worrying that Collboni’s speech is increasingly similar to that of Trias, wanting to stop the transformations of Barcelona” .

Along the same lines, the leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, has directly appealed to the Junts candidate, referring to some statements where Trias assured that a person with a salary of 3,000 euros could not make ends meet.

“Mr. Trias, the median salary in Catalonia is 23,500 euros gross, that is, 1,700 euros per month.” “A man who is on Mars is not prepared to govern”, he has sentenced.

In addition, Díaz has called for mobilize against the model of the right that it arises in “different formations” and that it is not “serving for the humble people, the one of the corruptions and pharaonic works”.

Amid cheers and applause, the vice-president declared that “this is not about names, but about politics” and that “the right is not going to govern in Barcelona, ​​it is called Trias or whatever it is called”. Colau and Díaz have called for a total progressive mobilization to stop the return of the right to the front of the Barcelona consistory.

Ada Colau and Yolanda Diaz
The Second Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, and the Mayor of Barcelona and BComú candidate for re-election, Ada Colau, are participating this Saturday in an electoral act in Barcelona. quique garcia / EFE

The right to housing and tourist massification, at the center of the electoral campaign

“50% of people who live for rent in Spain are at risk or are in poverty”, Yolanda Díaz

“50% of the people who live for rent in Spain are at risk or are in poverty,” Díaz pointed out, adding that there are “four million mortgaged families who, due to interest increases, have seen revalued their mortgages by 300 euros”.

For Colau, the right to housing It is a problem that has been accumulating for decades, but that your government has tried to solve through measures such as the creation of an Anti-eviction Unit “pioneer” and a Neighborhood Plan with a budget of 300 million euros.

As for the tourism, Colau has assured that “it is welcome”, as long as it is “sustainable”. “We say no to those who want mass tourism, which increases speculation and displaces the neighbors.”

In the event, which ended at half past one, also participated Janet Sanz, second deputy mayor of Barcelona and former councilor of the Nou Barris district. Both she and Colau and Díaz have honored the neighborhood struggles in the area, as an example of “popular power.”

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