Yolanda Díaz: “In record time we have shown that the labor reform works”

The data on unemployment and affiliation to Social Security for the month of April are proof that “the labor reform works”. This was defended this Wednesday by the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, during an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press.

“There is much to be done, but we have shown in record time that the labor reform works,” said Díaz, after learning that unemployment fell by more than 86,000 people in April and that half of the contracts signed are already indefinite.

The contractual simplification included in the norm seems to have triggered indefinite contracts in this way and seems to have put an end to a temporality that in Spain was an endemic evil of the labor market.

“The most positive thing about the data is that with the labor reform being in force for 100 days, although the legal vacancy that it contains makes it barely a month of application, the data is spectacular. This is not a small thing, it is changing the paradigm of the labor market in our country”, explained the head of Labor.

The minister has valued another of the measures contained in the rule: the elimination of the contract for specific work and service and its transition to discontinuous fixed contracts in seasonal sectors, such as the countryside.

“We have understood that there was a contract that is of a stable nature and that it was hardly used, the fixed discontinuous one. It is the contract that can best meet the seasonal needs of our country and combine it with the maintenance of the rights of workers”, has insured.

Díaz has also advanced some issues on the agenda handled by the Ministry of Labor and the reforms he wants to undertake soon. He has spoken, for example, of the internship status that is negotiated in the social dialogue between unions and employers, and has predicted that its combination with the new vocational training law approved by the Ministry of Education will manage to respond to a large part of the impact suffered in Spain by the American phenomenon of ‘The great resignation’ (employees who have resigned from their jobs during the pandemic).

In this sense, he has announced that he is going to convene the social agents to address this phenomenon, although his impact in Spain, he recalled, is less than in other countries (0.7% of vacancies compared to more than 2% of the European average and almost 4% in countries like Germany).

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