Yolanda Díaz: “If you ask for clean cake unity, you depress your electorate and then it doesn’t matter if you shake hands”

The Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, was participating this Sunday in the program ‘Lo de Évole’ on La Sexta, where she has been interviewed by the prestigious journalist. Díaz has spoken about different issues related to current politics and, of course, the formation of Sumar and relations with Podemos.

In this sense, it has shown differences with purple formation for the ways in which they are carrying out the negotiations for a joint candidacy for the general elections. “If you ask for unity on a clean pie, you depress your electorate and then it doesn’t matter if you shake hands,” he said, in clear reference to Podemos, whose leaders have made ugly that they did not attend the proclamation of his candidacy last 2 April in Madrid, at the ceremony held at the Magariños sports center.

Negotiations on the candidacy for the generals remain in stand by until the regional and municipal elections are held on May 28, as the vice president acknowledged in the television interview: “The political groups have asked me for this, now it is the municipal and regional ones.”

In these elections next month parties that are under the umbrella of Sumar in the state will compete with each other, so Díaz will have to be especially delicate when campaigning in the coming weeks. “Sumar will do everything it can to help so that the very important places are not won by the right, we are going to do it,” he assured about 28M.

The controversy of the primaries

The cause put forward by Podemos for not attending the Magariños event was the lack of a commitment on the part of Díaz that they will be held open primaries to choose the candidacy. The vice president has assured in the interview that this cannot be the reason, because “noNobody discusses the primaries in Sumareveryone wants primaries”, he stated, referring to “primaries with citizen participation”.

“We agree that any citizen can present himself, but also that there are many identities,” referring to the fact that the agreements must also take into account other formations such as Compromís, IU, More Country or More Madrid and they cannot only be bilateral with Podemos.

A good part of the conversation has dealt with Pablo Iglesias, of which Díaz has stressed “that they know each other very well.” The vice president recalled the moment in which the former leader of Podemos left the Government and designated him as his successor both in the second Vice Presidency and in the leadership of the political space: “Designates me by finger, without a doubtIt is disrespectful to your political organization, in the first place.”

He has also referred to the current capacity of influence of the former secretary general in Podemos and has assessed: “You have to let people fly in politicswe must let it be done”. Regarding Podemos, he recognized that “what has not been done to anyone has been done to anyone and especially to Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero, what has never been done in a democracy and what can never be done to do in a country, it is an indignity, to invade their private life, harassment and the hatred poured towards them”.

One of the most controversial moments of the interview is when Évole asks him who he will vote for in May in Madrid. The presenter has suggested that she will do it for the Más Madrid candidate, Mónica García.

The republic, a reflection of the next decade

“It is evident that I’m not a monarchistI would like a country in which we could democratically elect the head of state, for example I am thinking of Iñaki Gabilondo”, Díaz explained, before the cameras, assuring that the debate on monarchy or republic does not touch on the next legislature but it does which is a debate for the next decade.

Beyond the internal situation of the Spanish left, the interview has touched on other topics, such as this one about the monarchy or the republic, the human rights violated at the Melilla fence or foreign policy: “I would return to the previous position of Spain with the Sahara”, declared the vice president, questioned about what attitude she would take with her Moroccan neighbor if she were to preside over the Government of Spain. “Morocco is a dictatorship,” she recalled.

He has also spoken about a subject that he ignored in his presentation at the Magariños sports center and that is the main one at the moment: the war between Russia and Ukraine. “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an unlawful aggression and the Ukrainian people have the right to self-defense,” she said, referring to the arms shipment.

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