Yolanda Díaz focuses the first sectoral act of Sumar on the climate crisis

In the first act of Sumar (in addition to the foundational one held last Friday), the second vice president, Yolanda Diazwill meet this coming Friday with young people and experts to learn about their proposals on climate change.

Thus, the civil society consultation phase promoted by Díaz to reconfigure the left takes shape with this first sectoral meeting, which will take place in the Ecooo space in Madrid.

From the platform they have explained that the “just” ecological transition is a “fundamental piece” for Sumarso the Minister of Labor will bring together young activists, academics and professionals from various organizations to address the “climate emergency from various perspectives.”

Díaz presented Sumar last week before 5,000 people at the Matadero cultural center in Madrid and claimed that this new project “is not about acronyms or parties”, but about creating a citizen “protagonism” movement that, collectively, thinks of a new country to recover useful politics and not fall into “resignation”.

As Díaz has stated on several occasions, the listening process will last approximately six months and will consist of sectoral meetings with a view to collecting contributions from civil society, with a view to articulating a new progressive project for the next decade. For this, he has made over 25 dynamization groups who are already working to deploy the various sectoral events.

And it is that Sumar’s own statutes are committed to “fostering and strengthening” civil society participation in politics to “improve democratic quality and human development.”


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