Xiaomi presents its Mijia audio smart glasses, for phone calls and noise reduction

MADRID, 10 Apr. (Portaltic/EP) –

Xiaomi has presented this Monday its new audio smart glasseswith which the user you will not need to use headphones but you can make calls or listen to music thanks to your integrated audio system with noise reduction.

This new device, which has been developed by the Mijia sub-brand and introduced to the Chinese market, does not use any augmented reality technology like other models of smart glasses. However, the Mijia stand out for containing a audio system integrated into the frames that allows you to perform different functions intelligently.

Specifically, the new Xiaomi Mijia Smart Audio incorporate some 128mm dynamic speakers They are strategically placed to direct sound to the user’s ears. In addition, they use a system of noise reductionwhich reduces the environment.

They also make use of a system that avoids that he sound from the speakers reaches other people located close to the user. In other words, it prevents audio leaks to the outside, ensuring that the user who is using the glasses is the only one who listens through them. Thus, it is intended increase privacy and not disturb the people around with the sound.

Another aspect to highlight is that the Mijia are compatible with surround sound technologyas Xiaomi points out and collects IT Home, with which a more immersive surround sound experience is achieved.

With all this, the company’s new glasses are intended to be a headphone substitute and, thanks to his dual microphonemake it possible to carry out functions such as calls either send commands to voice assistants compatible through Mijia glasses, such as Xiaomi’s own assistant, Xiao AI, or the Apple assistant, Siri, among others.

In fact, as exemplified by the technology company, with this tool users will be able to ask to carry out intelligent actions such as turn on the lights in a room either ask the assistant about things like the weather. All this through the glasses directly instead of having to request it from the ‘smartphone’ or other types of devices.

On the other hand, Xiaomi has introduced in both sideburns a 30mm touch zone long, with which users can control functions through different touches, instead of using voice management.

As for its design, it is a light glasses with a weight of 38.1 grams and are based on simple shapes that resemble the standard eyeglasses for wearers. They also use a material with metallic finish and have been featured five types of frames with ergonomic design, so that the user can choose his style.

The design of the Mijia glasses includes a self-developed hinge that uses a system with which the frame can be easily replaced to make it possible to change from one style to another.

Another aspect to highlight is its autonomysince they have a battery capable of serving practically a whole day, about 22 hours. It also has the capacity to seven hours of continuous conversation And till ten hours of listening to music.

This device also offers connectivity with two terminals at once through Bluetooth and is compatible with both Android as with iOS and Windows. Likewise, it is certified with resistance to dust and liquids IP54.

At the moment the Mijia Smart Audio glasses are only available in the Chinese market, where they have been presented with a price of 799 yuan, that is, approximately 106 euro.

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