Xiaomi partners with Amazon to bring the F2 line of smart TVs with Fire TV to Spain

The new Xiaomi F2 Series line with Fire TV. – XIAOMI.

MADRID, May 30. (Portaltic/EP) –

Xiaomi has allied with amazon to launch its new and first line of smart televisions in Spain with Fire TV, the F2 series, which is available in sizes 43, 50 and 55 inches from 399 euros.

The new F2 series incorporates a 4K UHD screen with a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and the technology Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) 60Hz designed for greater fluidity by matching the frame rate with the screen refresh rate, as Xiaomi explains in a statement sent to Europa Press.

This 10-bit panel has a depth of 1.07 billion colors and technology Wide Color Gamut (WCG) for higher color saturation.

Regarding audio, the F2 series incorporates two 12W speakers each and is compatible with Dolby Audio, DTS Virtual: X and DTS-HD.

At the processor level, this new line of televisions integrates four CA55 chips that promise speeds of up to 1.5Ghz. In addition, it incorporates a graphics processing unit (GPU, for its acronym in English) Mali G52 MP2. Regarding its storage capacity, the F2 comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory.

The F2 series supports both WiFi 2.4GHz and WiFi 5GHz, as well as being compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, DVB-T2/C and DVB-S2 tuners, Composite Video (AV), and includes an optical audio output.

The new family of TVs also includes four HDMI ports with the feature Consumer Electroncis Control (CEC), which allows you to control devices connected by this way by means of a remote control. It also incorporates two USB 2.0 ports, one Ethernet (LAN), twelve Common Interface (CI) slots to view paid content without the need for decoders and a 3.5 millimeter (mm) ‘jack’.

The Xiaomi TV F2 Series is only available in black, with a bezel-less design and a ‘unibody’ metal frame supported by double brackets. Its dimensions (including the base) are 957.2 x 241.4 x 607.1 mm (43 inches), 1111.2 x 309.7 x 710.1 mm (50 inches), and 1225.8 x 309.7 mm. x 777.9 millimeters (55 inches).

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Regarding weight, it is 7.76 kilos for the 43-inch, 9.3 kilos for the 50-inch and 11,260 kilos for the 55-inch (including the weight of the base in all cases).


This new line of smart TVs comes with a remote control that integrates the voice commands of Alexa. Thanks to this, the user can change channels, launch applications, search for titles, play music and control smart home devices with their own voice.

The operating system of the F2 series is Fire OS 7which is based on Android and has been created by Amazon for its Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers, and Fire TV devices.

The new F2 televisions integrate Fire TV, which gives them access to entertainment applications such as Disney+, DAZN, Atresplayer, Mitele and RTVE Play, among others, in addition to Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube, which come pre-installed on the device.

They also have Airplay of Manzana, allowing direct streaming from iOS or Mac devices to the TV.

Xiaomi TV F2 Series with Fire TV is available starting this Monday, for purchase through the Xiami (mi.com) and Amazon (Amazon.es) websites. Its market price is 399 euros (43 inches), 449 euros (50 inches) and 499 euros (55 inches).

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