Xavi: “The InterCity experience is going well for us so as not to fail”

He apologizes to the Ceuta coach for the “luck” of the draw: “I didn’t want to be disrespectful at all, I said it because of the category”

BARCELONA, Jan. 18 (.) –

The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernández, ensured in the preview of the match of the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey, with his visit to Ceuta this Thursday, that the team’s victory in extra time against InterCity (3-4) they will do well to “not fail” this time, against a team they respect despite commenting, after the draw, that they had been “lucky”.

“It is good for us to have the experience of InterCity so as not to fail. It is a KO competition and the most important thing is to go through, and compete well. We arrived at the best moment but it should not divert us from the objective, which is still winning titles,” he acknowledged in Press conference.

For this reason, Xavi warned his players that they must play a good game. “We have to show our superiority by categories, they have two fewer, but it has to be shown on the field and it was seen on the day of InterCity,” he stressed.

Proof of this is that he could leave only one or two regular starters in Barcelona. “The only one who will surely have to rest is Ronald, who ended up with discomfort. It’s nothing serious, but since he came from injury we’ll give him rest. For the rest, everyone will go to Ceuta, except for one or two more fatigued players,” he pointed out, to the pair that hinted that Robert Lewandowski, sanctioned in the League, would play.

In this sense, he explained why he classified it as good luck to face Ceuta, and wanted to make it clear that it was not his intention to disrespect the coach, José Juan Romero, or the club. “I said it based on the category, nothing more. We know that it will not be easy, we have the experience of InterCity and previous years,” he recalled.

“The cup is a single match and it can get complicated, there are always surprises and we hope we are not the surprise of this round. It was far from being disrespectful. I have all the respect for José Juan, he has a good team and they want to play, push high. It’s going to cost us. I didn’t want to be disrespectful at all, far from it. I said it because of the theme of the category”, added the coach ‘culé’.

In fact, he sees the match as another “litmus test” to give continuity to the Super Cup. “We are in a good moment of play and results, the other day we had an excellent match that meant a title and gave us morale and confidence. We have come to turn the situation around and it seems that we are giving it, but now we have to give it continuity “He commented on the team’s improved spirits thanks to winning the Super Cup against Real Madrid.

“I don’t hide anything, I want to win and play well and for the team to enjoy. I don’t feel liberated, I feel pressure from the Cup, the League, the Europa League… If I don’t win more titles at the end of the season, you’ll still kill me. There are moments when you have a very bad time, everyone reminds you of it. I’m at home, it’s something familiar and you suffer triple, it’s not like being abroad. But you also enjoy it”, he commented on whether he feels liberated after winning his first title as a blaugrana coach.

Xavi acknowledged that the Super Cup title left “morale and confidence” in the club and dressing room. “The title gives them fresh air to say that we can win titles. We will continue working, let the euphoria be from the outside, us with caution and continue working to the maximum. Hopefully we will not end only with this Super Cup”, he predicted.

“It’s not the same to go out to play and be criticized as to go out having won a Super Cup and be highly praised. We have 16-18 players who are criticized all year, something that doesn’t happen at another club. Performance drops. We try to give them confidence, but it’s difficult play when they criticize you and you have pressure. This Super Cup will give us peace of mind and morale, but without lowering the level. You have to give it continuity and the player will be released a bit, he will have less pressure and all the talent will come out”, he was honest.

In this sense, he added: “We try to start a winning era. I imagine that the players will free up a little more and be able to perform better. From here, to improve the level.”

On the other hand, he will speak with Memphis Depay to find out if his intention is to go out in this winter market. “At the moment I have no news. He’s still our player. I’m delighted with him. He’s positive and he’s our player. We’ll see what happens in the following hours or days but in principle I’m counting on him in everything. I’ll talk to him to see what he explains to me , what sensations he has and if he wants to go or not”, he contributed.

There are fewer doubts with Gavi, the best player in the Super Cup final with one goal and two assists. “I see Gavi here one hundred percent. He is happy, content, he feels valued. We are delighted with him and I don’t think there is any problem with that,” he concluded.

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