X (Twitter) plans to introduce three levels of Premium service that will vary in relation to the number of ads

MADRID, Oct. 6 (Portaltic/EP) –

X (Twitter) are planning to introduce three new levels of your subscription plan, Basic, Standard and Pluswithin the current X Premium plan, which will have different prices depending on the number of ads displayed in the ‘feed’.

Elon Musk’s platform continues to search ways to earn income that complement advertising benefits and the income from subscriptions to the X Premium plan, which is available in Spain from 8 euros per month in the web version and for 11 euros per month in the iOS and Android versions.

In this sense, Musk has shared his intention to divide the current X Premium subscription plan into three variants, such as the plan Basic, Standard and Plus. These new plans will different prices that will vary in relation to the number of ads displayed in each option.

This was pointed out by Elon Musk himself in a company briefing with investors who participated in the purchase of the social network, according to the statements of a source who followed the meeting collected by Bloomberg.

During the meeting, in which the X CEO Linda Yaccarino it was valued that the Advertisers are investing again in advertising within X. However, they continue to be lower income than in the period prior to Musk’s purchase.

In this framework, Musk presented the three-level plan to investors with the aim of achieving attract the users who do not want to pay the full price of the premium service, but want to enjoy its functions.

Likewise, the new subscription plans have also been identified in the application codeas has been confirmed by the X user @aaronp613. Thus, the lines of code detail that the plan Basic will include all adsMeanwhile he Standard will show half and the Plus will not have advertising.

Likewise, the tycoon also presented the idea of ​​charging a small monthly payment to all X users. In fact, this measure was already anticipated in the month of September, when the owner of the platform explained that this change was being proposed to eliminate ‘bots’ from the platform.

As detailed by Bloomberg, after the purchase of Twitter for a value of 44,000 million dollars, the company acquired a debt of 13,000 million dollarsso the social network continues to look for ways to cover this debt and recover advertising revenue.

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