X (Twitter) plans to introduce moderation bots to stop spam and bots in Communities

MADRID, 4 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) –

X (Twitter) is working on introduce new options to fight spam in the Communities of the social network, implementing moderation robots custom filters that filter posts and separating user access by membership and by writing posts.

X Communities are a feature that the social network launched in September 2021 and that allows form groups with users who share the same interests, in order to facilitate conversations on certain topics. Posts from Communities do not appear on the timeline of non-members.

However, some users are reporting the existence of large amounts of ‘spam’ and posts that have nothing to do with the conversation on the subject that is being discussed in the Community. The abusive participation of ‘bots’ in these spaces, which hinder the conversation between users, is also being denounced.

In this sense, planning to introduce new options on the platform in order to fight against ‘spam’ and the comments of users who are not related to the Community. This has been detailed by the X engineer named Dongwook through a publication in the social network itselfwhere he has pointed out the importance they give to the fight against spam from Elon Musk’s platform.

Dongwook explained that “Communities that pursue specific interests and build relationships”, they should “trust more” the questionnaires that can be sent when inviting a person to join.

Each Community should use the questionnaire to invite the “right people” to make sure they fit in. In this way, it is easier to build a close relationship between users. “This should be the best way to fight spam“, said the engineer.

However, he has also recognized that many Communities tend to end up being configured as “open access” because that way they attract many more users and can get a broader conversation. In this case of Broad Communities, they will depend more on the algorithmic spam detection system.

Now, In addition to the questionnaire, the X engineer has detailed that, in order to put an end to this type of publication that hinders the conversation of users in the Communities, they are planning to introduce some measures similar to those that already exist on other platforms such as Reddit.

On the one hand, one of the options proposed is separate membership access and post write access. That is, users who can join the community as simply members, or with post writing access.

Another option that is introduce robots in the Communities that manage the content and are able to identify and filter posts that are ‘spam’ or comments not related to the Community.

“We may not be able to add as many bots as Reddit does, but we should try to pick the most useful ones,” Dongwook said.

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