World Cup 2022 mascot is called La’eeb and is a super-skilled soccer player

the Official Mascot for the World Cup Qatar 2022 has been revealed and he is a super-skilled player called La’eebin the form of a traditional keffiyeh headdress, but with eyebrows, eyes and mouth, and alively, sparkling personality.

La’eeb, World Cup 2022 mascot

His name, La’eeb, means super-skilled player in Arabicand according to FIFA, he encourages everyone to believe in themselves, because “Now is All” and in so doing he will bring the joy of football to everyone.

According to Khalid Ali Al Mawlawi, Deputy Director General, Marketing, Communications and Tournament Experience, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, La’eeb, “comes from the mascot-verse – a place that is indescribable. We encourage everyone to imagine what it looks like.”

Not La’eeb’s first World Cup

According to the new mascot’s creators he has already attended every World Cup and contributed to some of the most famous moments in football history, “including a number of iconic goals.” The press release did not specify exactly how this works, or if La’eeb gets on well with the other mascots in World Cup history.

Previous World Cup Mascots

La’eeb follows a long tradition of World Cup mascots, which began in 1966, with World Cup Williea lion, designed by children’s book illustrator Reg Hoye.

Willie was followed by Juanito, a small Mexican boy for 1970’s World Cup and other classics of the genre, such as Guachito, an Argentinean lad for World Cup 1978, Spain’s little orange, Naranjito in 1982, Italy’s Ciao, a stick figure in the colors of the Italian flag in 1990, and the United State’s Strikers, the World Cup Pup, a dog wearing a red white and blue soccer uniform for World Cup 1994.

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