With the support of TIKA: A cultural and religious complex for Bosniaks in Čapljina was opened

A modern cultural and religious complex on the territory of the Mejlis of the Islamic Community of Čapljina, in the locality of Vrhovnik, was ceremonially opened with the presence of numerous distinguished guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey, reports Anadolija.

It is a project that was co-financed by TIKA, donating funds for the renovation of the building previously purchased by the Majlis. In addition, TIKA donated funds for the purchase of the complete inventory. It is a building that will have multiple purposes, and which will in the future be the center of events in this part of Čapljina when it comes to Bosniaks.

“It’s hard to express in one sentence, but this is truly the realization of our dreams. A generational dream from the time we returned to the city of Čapljina. We have already been considering for the past ten years which location in the Majlis area would be the one that would adequately answer all the questions. For everything grows in the area of ​​Čapljina. We have estimated that it is this location. When you say ‘Peak’, the word itself says a lot, not only for us, but also for the wider world. We know that this is a location where cultural and religious life has been going on for centuries to aggression. With this project, it continues. Thank God that this is a waqf location that no one will ever be able to step on and run over in this area. The building is substantial, as is the hall and everything that is planned to be built – a complex that will to satisfy all the needs when it comes to all ages of Bosniaks in this area,” said imam Adem Efendija Šuta.

The ceremonial ribbon was cut by former member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Šefik Džaferović, Mufti of Mostar Salem Efendija Dedović, Deputy Chairman of TIKA Mahmut Cevik and Consul of Turkey in Mostar Yasar Ergun.

“For almost twenty years, I often come to Bosnia and Herzegovina, working on development support projects for this country. I have visited many places, and today I am in Čapljina for the first time – a place of rich culture and identity. I am really very happy that our Bosniak friends got a place where will be able to preserve and build their identity. This cultural center, the opening of which we celebrated, will be an important place with a strong role and function in preserving and building Bosniak identity and passing it on to younger generations,” said Cevik.

He sent a message to the Bosniaks of Čapljina to be unique in the future and to cherish and preserve their traditions.

“Peoples exist together with their culture. A people without culture cannot survive, and you will preserve and develop your culture here, pass it on to new generations and thus strengthen the position of Bosniaks. I am really very honored to be here and I want to thank everyone who played a role and contributed to the implementation of the project led by the former Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Šefik Džaferović,” added Cevik.

After the ceremony, the attendees broke the fast together and expressed their joy over the arrival of the coming Eid.

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