Will my work be affected by artificial intelligence? almost certainly yes

The acceleration of the development of artificial intelligence and its entry into all productive sectors is an unstoppable force for change. Artificial intelligence represents a technological revolution comparable to the steam engine, the assembly line or the robotization of processes. And, as in previous industrial revolutions, the transformation of jobs will be profound and irreversible.

Obviously, this sets off all the alarm bells: will my job disappear? Will I be replaced by a machine? Am I obsolete and condemned to work inactivity?

Certainly some automatable jobs will disappear. Many others will be transformed, but many new ones will also emerge. This is to be expected in a technological revolution, although this is possibly the deepest since the invention of the steam engine.

AI, almost human?

Artificial intelligence is progressively breaking into all sectors. Even in activities that we have always considered inherently human: the ability to converse, to reason, to solve problems creatively. Even the ability to create new concepts or artistic expressions.

If we think about creativity or artistic composition, artificial intelligence does not stop taking giant steps. In the last year, new image generation systems such as Dall-E, Stable Diffusion or Midjourney have appeared, capable of generating credible and very high-quality images for any imaginable concept.

In the field of text composition, ChatGPT has demonstrated to the general public the current capabilities of AI.

more and more present

Artificial intelligence is already having tangible impacts on social pillars such as education, health or citizen security. It can be used to help teachers, health workers and security forces to do their job better.

We also see how it is affecting the main productive sectors, from the countryside to the city, from manual labor to digital services. Or to highly specialized jobs, from architecture to the practice of law. Also to the development of softwareincluding the creation of new artificial intelligences.

In a global and interconnected world it is not possible to isolate or avoid this change. The solution is to accept it and evolve with new technologies.

Adaptation to change

As in other technological revolutions, there will be a period of profound transformation of work (which has already begun), in which there will be jobs that will disappear and others that will be transformed and evolve.

Some will even improve their productivity, quality and reliability, especially those that manage to successfully combine the work of the person and that of the machine.

It is important that the social and political agents contribute to ensuring that this transformation process is orderly and does not leave anyone behind.

If we are able to properly manage this change, we will be able to finish better than we started.

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