Why is the flag of the Second Republic purple?

On April 14, 1931, after the failure of the dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera and the plummeting of the prestige of the Bourbons, King Alfonso XIII went into exile and the Second Spanish Republic. Even today, supporters of this type of state model use the tricolor flag own of yesteryear

Red and yellow were already common colors in the Spanish flag. But this time purple was included. Because?

A decree signed on April 27, 1931 by the self-proclaimed Provisional Government of the Republic explains the following: “Today the flag adopted as national in the mid-nineteenth century is folded. keep both colors and add a thirdtradition accepts as the insignia of an illustrious region, the nerve of nationality, with which the emblem of the Republic, thus formed, more accurately summarizes the harmony of a great Spain”.

Said region is Castile, currently known as Castilla y León. There are two hypotheses that would explain where this purple. The first of them marks its origin in the commoners who participated in the War of the Communities of Castilla against King Carlos I between 1520 and 1521 wore this color.

The second theory points to the infantry tercio de Castilla, which in 1693 adopted a purple uniform dating back to 1693. The choice of this hue is due to the fact that its origin is found in troops recruited by a Castilian bishop. Purple is the color that identifies the bishops within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

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