Why does Johnson fall?

(A month ago I submitted an article titled Boris Johnson is not dead that came out the same day digital freedom published another one by José García Domínguez called Boris Johnson is dead. Apart from the curiosity that the same medium publishes two such opposite analyzes on the same day without looking for it, it is fair to admit today that he was right and I was wrong).

Given the credit to those who had it, it remains to see what has caused the downfall of the disheveled prime minister. The immediate cause is the lies. Holding parties against the self-issued ban offends all citizens forced into confinement. But trying to hide it is even more serious. Elevating a sexual harasser to a position of responsibility within the parliamentary group is also very serious, but it is even more serious to lie and deny that you knew about their harassment when the reality is that you knew them perfectly. The Prime Minister has also been accused of not respecting very important norms, such as the Northern Ireland protocol in the Brexit agreement with the European Union or the international norms that protect the right of asylum in his intention to deport to Rwanda those who request it in the United Kingdom during the time it takes for the request to be substantiated.

All this is indeed very serious. But worse is the electoral perspective of the conservatives. In recent elections in two Tory-owned constituencies, one of them a lifelong Conservative, Johnson’s party lost both seats. The polls also predict a defeat even though the 2019 victory was overwhelming. Conservative Members of Parliament, who are elected from single-member districts where whoever wins, even by one vote, wins the seat and whoever loses, even by one vote, is left out, believe that Johnson is no longer a horse winner and think they have to get rid of him before facing a Labor party that is growing in the polls thanks to Johnson’s mistakes and having provided a moderate leader to replace the very radical Jeremy Corbyn.

There is also another issue highlighted by an editorial in the Wall Street Journal. They believe in the liberal New York newspaper that the main reason for Johnson’s downfall is that he has done with a majority of political right-wing leftists: tax increases, strong intervention in the economy, very expensive policies to combat climate change, excessive redistribution of wealth. According to the editorialist, the electorate does not forgive this kind of dalliance. Although the newspaper exaggerated, there is no doubt that in many European conservative parties there is a tendency to conform to the dogmas that the left, backed by its powerful media, imposes as unassailable principles. It is a subject that here in Spain we have completed a master’s degree. And Feijóo would not have enough to read the editorial, lest he fall into what the newspaper says that Johnson has fallen, which is exactly the same as what Rajoy fell into. And so it was.



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