Why does Finland want to join NATO now?

The start of Russia’s war in Ukraine on February 24 has accelerated a process of reconfiguration of international relations. Some of the countries that surround the regime of Vladimir Putin have begun to move after the invasion and not precisely in favor of the Kremlin.

One of the most determined has been Finlandwhose government has already revealed its support for joining NATO, as the country’s prime minister indicated in a statement, sanna marinand the president, Sauli Niinisto. Both presidents trust that the process will be done “quickly”. But the Nordic country still has to go through a series of procedures that can take time.

But what is the motive behind this historic step by Finland? Marin and Niinistö issued a statement in which they were clear: they state that if the accession agreement is reached will strengthen their defense and that of the Alliance. “Membership in NATO would strengthen Finland’s security. As a member of NATO, Finland would strengthen the entire defense alliance,” they note in the letter.

Russia, “the greatest realistic threat”

Along the same lines, former Prime Minister alexander stubbthat in an interview in the CNN has admitted that up to now good defense relations have been maintained with Russia, despite the fact that they consider it “the biggest royalist threat in the country”. The politician has explained that the security of his country is based, on the one hand, on the geography and history and, on the other, in the idealism and realism.

This political worldview that collides with the ideology of the Putin regime “makes NATO the pragmatic option”. You have not only talked about the invasion of Ukraine, I have also referred to the threats to Moldova, a country that has been approached by Russian troops.

The truth is Russia has not welcomed the approach of Finland and has already stated that, if accession occurs, they will analyze the scenario and take the necessary measures to guarantee their safety and “balance the situation.”


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