Why aren’t Colombians still being treated in immigration centers in the US?

As of this Wednesday, June 28, the Safe Mobility platform was enabled, a program Directed for migrants of Venezuelan, Haitian and Cuban nationalities that they show that they were in Colombia before June 11 and that they seek to enter the United States legally.

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With this program, the government of President Joe Biden seeks to reduce irregular migration in the North American country and wants to facilitate safe, humane, and legal pathways for migrants who are stuck in different countries of the Americas, and who are trying to reach the US. According to official information, there is talk of up to 30,000 places enabled, only this year, and for people from Venezuela, Haiti and Cuba.

Colombians cannot apply for this procedure yet

The program aims to decrease the number of people arriving at the border as illegal migrants.

A few weeks ago, President Gustavo Petro officially reported that the governments of the United States and Colombia offices had been agreed to process this type of permit so that Colombians could legally enter the North American country.

“We have agreed with the United States on special centers and offices to process family reunification processes and emigration of Colombians to the US in an orderly and legal manner. They will be placed in various places in the country, ”said the president on his Twitter account.

However, people of Colombian nationality cannot yet apply to this program which aims to reduce the number of people who try to enter the United States illegally through the southern border with Mexico, and who risk their lives in a journey that has various dangers.

According to information delivered from Washington, no Colombian will be treated in one of these migration centers and your requests cannot be met, for the moment.

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The United States government stressed that this program is intended for those Venezuelan, Haitian and Cuban migrants who were legally in Colombia before June 11. People of these nationalities can complete the free form online to process your immigration status and apply for a legal entry permit.


Cesar Melgarejo. TIME

Although it is not ruled out that in a next phase of this program the Safe Mobility office will enable the form for those Colombians who want to carry out the process to move legally to the United States.

There are no more dates in Colombia

According to the information provided on its official page, the Safe Mobility system temporarily closed applications to requests and asked those people who try to access the form to constantly monitor the website: mobilidadsegura.org.

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We are still launching this program. We are not currently accepting applications, but will be again soon. Please check this page again for updates. If you have already registered, you do not need to do it again”communicated Safe Mobility through its portal.


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