Who were the Colombians who appeared dead in Ecuador’s feared prison?

Six Colombians charged with allegedly participating in the murder of the presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio They were found dead in the Litoral Penitentiary, the largest prison in Ecuador.

(In context: Attention: prisoners murdered in Ecuador are those involved in the Villavicencio crime).

The National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders reported that The Colombians were found in what is also called Guayas 1where there are more than 12,000 inmates.

Andrés Manuel Mosquera Ortiz, José Neider López Hitas, Adey Fernando García García, Camilo Andrés Romero Reyes, Jules Osmín Castaño Alzate and Jhon Gregore Rodríguez were in pavilion 7.

Who were the Colombians and accused hitmen who murdered in Ecuador?

The Colombians had been captured for the murder of Fernando Villavicencio, which was perpetrated on August 9 when he was leaving a political meeting in Guayaquil. Of the six, only two had registered official migratory movements, as EL TIEMPO reported.

There were also explosives at the site of the attack. Authorities captured six people.

Andrés Manuel Mosquera Ortiz, born in Cali, had served a sentence for manufacturing and trafficking firearms in Colombia.

Adey Fernando García García, also from Cali, had a record of homicide and drug trafficking and conspiracy to commit a crime.

José Neider López Hitas, 19, had notes for theft, illegal possession and carrying of weapons, attempted homicide, among others.. He was nicknamed ‘Hito’.

Captured for the crime of Fernando Villavicencio

Six people captured after the assassination of the presidential candidate.

(In context: The trail that the authorities follow in Cali for the assassination of Villavicencio in Ecuador).

Jules Osmín Castaño Alzate, born in Caquetá, had been convicted of manufacturing, carrying and trafficking narcotics.

Camilo Andrés Romero Reyes had been prosecuted for the crime of reception.

There was no information about Jhon Gregore Rodríguez about his judicial record.

All of them had requested a prison transfer, according to the citizen platform SOS Cárceles Ecuador. However, they would have been denied.

“Neither complicity nor cover-up, the truth will be known here,” said Guillermo Lasso, president of Ecuador, upon learning of the murder of the Colombians.

The fight of dangerous gangs in prison where they murdered Colombians

Ward 7, where the Colombians were, is in the medium security section. As in the other sections of the prison, The criminal gangs Latin King, Chone Killers, Fatales, Águilas, Tiguerones, Lobos and Samir dispute it.


Intervention in the Litoral penitentiary, in Guayaquil (Ecuador).


EFE/ Beloved Forces

(In context: Fernando Villavicencio: what is known about the 6 Colombians captured after murder).

Before confirming that the dead had been found, armed soldiers entered the prison to regain control, as strong disturbances had been reported among criminal organizations dedicated to drug trafficking.

Another large group of uniformed men had entered the prison on September 30 with long weapons and tanks, as part of the operations to prevent riots and escapes.

800 soldiers and police surprised the prisoners and made them remain on the ground while they were searched.

The most massacres have also been recorded in the Penitentiary. numerous of the series of massacres that since 2020 have left more than 400 prisoners murdered in the Ecuadorian prison systemmainly due to clashes between rival criminal gangs.

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*With information from EFE

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