Who is he and what is known about Robert Card, the shooter who killed 22 people in Maine

The State Police MaineUnited States, managed to identify the suspect of committing a mass shooting in the city of Lewiston in which at least 22 people were killed and between 50 and 60 were injured. The man’s name is Robert Cardis 40 years old and was identified as a skilled firearms instructor.

The authorities confirmed the information through a police intelligence bulletin. In the document they revealed the identity of the suspect, who was captured by several security cameras and tracked with surveillance systems. facial recognition.

The suspect, 40 years old, was born on April 4, 1983, in a town called bowdoinnear Lewiston, and, according to the report provided by police officers, he would have received training as a firearms instructor at police facilities. United States Army Reserve.

Due to his background, Card was rated as a “person of interest”, “armed and dangerous”so they asked the local population to take shelter in their homes until he is detained and to be careful if they come across him.

Mass shooting leaves at least 22 dead and more than 50 injured in Maine

According to the police report, the suspect was two weeks hospitalized in a mental health Center during the summer of this year. Although it was not specified what treatment he received or his general condition, it was stated that he himself had assured that I heard voices and threatened to commit a massacre at the Saco military training base, Maine.

The man is currently wanted by the Police for being the main suspect for the murders committed in a bowling, a restaurant and a center of distribution from the Walmart company.

Mass shooting in Maine

At least 22 people died and between 50 and 60 were injured in the mass shooting in Lewiston, Mainenorth of the United States, as reported NBCNews. Chain ABC News He detailed that the wave of shootings broke out in a bowling alley, a restaurant and a Walmart distribution center.

“There is an active shooter in Lewiston”Maine State Police reported via x. “We ask people to take shelter. Please stay inside your homes with doors closed. Law enforcement is currently investigating at multiple locations.”

The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office posted two photos of the suspect on Facebook, announcing that he was a fugitive and asking the public for help identifying him. The man, armed with a semi automatic rifleappeared bearded and wearing a brown long-sleeved shirt, blue pants and brown shoes.

The president of the United States himself, Joe Bidencontacted the governor of Maine, Janet Mills, who said she was “aware and informed of a shooting in Lewiston.” As a result of the wave of shooting, 22 people were killed and another 50 or 60 were injured.



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