Who is Anderson Torres, the head of the Federal Police of Brasilia who allowed the assault on power

One of the most controversial aspects of the assault on democracy that has taken place in Brazil is the passivity and collusion shown by the majority of the agents of the Federal Police of Brasilia who guarded the headquarters of Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court.

In Brazil there is a lot of talk about this issue. The assault was only resolved after four and a half hours of bewildermentwhen riot officers charged and fired tear gas at the assailants.

Faced with the chaos generated, the president Lula decreed the federal intervention of the security area of ​​Brasilia until next January 31with which the regional police will be under the control of the central government during that period.

Moreover, the same Sunday andhe Minister of Social Communication of the Brazilian government, Paulo Pimenta, held the “authorities” of the Federal District responsible for the assault on the Brazilian Congress.

To understand what happened, one must take into account that the government of Brasilia is in the hands of a bolsonarista and the security policy too. The governor of the Federal District of Brasilia is the bolsonarista Ibaneis Rocha. The head of the Federal Police in Brasilia is Anderson TorresSecretary of Public Security of the Federal District of Brasilia until this past Sunday and former Minister of Justice of Jair Bolsonaro until eight days ago.

In this context, a judge of The Supreme Court of Brazil removed Ibaneis Rocha from his post for 90 days on Monday. The same judge has ordered the state security bodies and forces to act to release any type of road or public building occupied by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro throughout the country.

The Supreme Court judge points directly to Rocha, who hours before had apologized to President Lula. In his attempt to disassociate himself from the assailants as soon as possible, Rocha dismissed Torres on Sunday at the last minute, traveling in the United States. Anderson Torres was Minister of Justice in the last two years of the Bolsonaro Government (2019-2022) and he is a very close figure of the now former president.

The judge, who responded to a request from Lula’s allies, indicated that “the violent escalation” against the headquarters of the three powers “It could only happen with the consent, and even the effective participation,” of the competent security authorities public and intelligence

A very widespread opinion in the country and shared by Lula himself, who was emphatic about the actions of Torres and others bolsonaristas: “They have acted like true fascist vandals. All the people who have intervened [en el asalto] they will be punished. They did what has never been done in the history of this country.”

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