Who are the Argentines released by the Israeli army after being kidnapped by Hamas

During the first minutes of this Monday, the Israeli army announced the rescue of two Argentine hostages who were kidnapped by the Palestinian group Hamas since last October 7. Is about Fernando Simon Marman and Norbert Luis Har.

The two men of Argentine nationality were rescued during an operation in Rafahin which the army, the security agency and the Israeli police intervened.

Both are united by a family bond: Luis, 70 years old, is Fernando’s brother-in-law (60) since he is a couple of Clara Marmananother Argentine who was kidnapped by the Palestinian group, although she was released along with nine other hostages in November during a truce that occurred between Israel and the terrorist organization.

The family group experienced the actions of Hamas firsthand. This is what Clara’s daughter told it, Guefen Sigalwho told a press conference about the moment when the group took his relatives and recalled the last image he received from them from the safe room of his family’s kibbutz house.

They warn that an Israeli offensive in Rafah could cause a humanitarian catastrophe

“Luis (Har) took a selfie from that space where they were waiting for the missiles launched from Gaza to stop exploding”, he narrated and explained that shortly after his relatives began to hear how the terrorists entered the house. Although Luis He placed a chair and a stick against the doorto avoid being found, it became impossible for them to protect themselves.

Sigal, born in Israel, revealed that her entire family emigrated to the Middle East from Argentina, and indicated that in November, along with her mother, her aunt was also released. Gabriela Leimbergand her cousin Mine (17), while now he hopes to reunite with his uncle Fernando and his mother’s partner, Luis

Clara and Luis met in Israel and formed a couple, although they lived in separate houses. However, on October 7, the day they were captured by Hamas, both were together in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak. According to the woman’s daughter, the man I was planning to travel to Argentina to visit family and friends.

Regarding Fernando, his niece maintained that “He has a heart of gold and is the grill of the family”. “We know him as the ‘eternal bachelor,'” he added, detailing that he also lives in Israel and that on the day of the attack he had gone to visit his sister at the kibbutz located four kilometers from the border with the Gaza Strip. .

Health status: stable condition

After the rescue by the Israeli Army, the two Argentine hostages were treated in the Sheba Hospitalfrom where they assured that both are in “stable condition”after having spent 129 days kidnapped by the Palestinian group Hamas.

Argentine hostages released by Israel

“I am very happy to announce that tonight the two freed hostages landed here, at the Sheba medical center, the largest hospital in Israel, where they were received in the emergency room and our staff performed initial examinations,” reported the director of the center. doctor, Arnon Afekaccording to the agency EFE and confirmed: “They are in stable condition”.

The Gaza Strip, scene of a humanitarian tragedy

During the October 7 attacks, Hamas fighters they took about 250 hostagesaccording to a report from the agency AFP based on official Israeli figures. Some 130 remain in Gaza but 29 are believed to be dead, Israel confirmed.

In response to the attacks, Israel launched a relentless offensive in Gaza that left at least 28,176 deadmostly women and children, according to the Ministry of Health of the territory controlled by Hamas.

Dozens of the hostages were freed in November during a week-long truce, which saw more than 200 Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails.

Meanwhile, talks in Cairo continue to strengthen in search of a truce.


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