Who are Bernardo Manzano and José Serrano mentioned in the debate?

Within the framework of the second debate for the Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador, the candidates Daniel Noboa and Luisa González brought out their best arguments to make their proposals known to the citizens.

Although the economic axis passed relatively peaceful among the candidates, The next axis lit the spark of the meeting. Thus, in the aspect related to security, both characters brought out bold arguments in relation to his opponent.

Presidential Debate 2023: What is the Puebla Group that seeks to ‘de-dollarize’ globally and that Daniel Noboa emphasized to Luisa González?

Context of the debate

In the second axis corresponding to security, Noboa refers to the problem of drug trafficking that plagues the Ecuadorian people, proposing as a response his Phoenix Plan related to the militarization of strategic areas to prevent incidents.

As a result of this, González makes his counter reply mentioning that on many occasions violence and organized crime come from the ministers who facilitate the transportation of drugs.

That’s when The candidate used Bernardo Manzano against Noboa. Likewise, in his response, Daniel used José Serrano’s name against Luisa.

Bernardo Manzano Diaz

Former Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Manzano was Manager of the Noboa Corporation District, from 2008 to 2013. Likewise, he was Production Director of Noboa Corporation, between 2021 and April 2022.

Since 1997 this character has been closely related to the Noboa family, providing his services in different corporations. His mandate was interrupted, as He had to resign from his position after being linked to a corruption scandal and links to drug trafficking..

Live: Presidential debate of Luisa González and Daniel Noboa

Jose Serrano Salgado

Ecuadorian lawyer and politician, he held the position of Minister of the Interior from 2011 to 2016. Like Díaz, he was involved in matters related to drug trafficking during the presidency of Rafael Correa.

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