When will Finland join NATO?

The Government of Finland has taken a historic step in a clear direction: that its country can join NATO in a context marked by the war between Russia and Ukraine. This was expressed by the Prime Minister, sanna marinand the president, Sauli Niinistowho expect this process to conclude “quickly”.

regimen Vladimir Putin he was quick to offer a response showing his disapproval of an expansion of the alliance. In fact, the Russian president argued before the start of the invasion that one of the reasons for the offensive is to prevent the military organization spread east. The scenario seems to be generating the opposite effect.

However, despite the Finnish leaders’ defense that the procedure be done “without delay”, it still has to go through a period of negotiations that can be extended until the adhesion becomes effective.

This is the integration process

Firstly, the coalition government and Parliament (Eduskunta) must carry out a official request for integration. This decision is expected to be made next monday may 16. There is a broad consensus in the country’s political parties for the union.

To make the adhesion effective, the members of the alliance can invite any European State provided that it is “in a position to promote the development of the principles” contained in its Treaty and contributes to the security of the North Atlantic area.

This will start a dialogue process and, if successful, NATO will deploy the well-known Membership Action Plan (MAP) to offer assistance and that the future member carry out the necessary reforms, especially in terms of security, to comply with the requirements.

Submit documentation to the United States

The organization then designs a country-specific integration protocol. That plan must be ratified by all member states, who can make specific demands on the candidate. Finally, the applicant must deposit in the United States Department of State the necessary documentation for admission.

Specifying a date is complicated at this time, since the completion of the process will depend on many factors and can even be extended up to 20 years. For example, North Macedonia accessed the MAP in 1999. However, the effective entry was not made until 2020. Even so, the secretary general of the alliance, Jens Stoltenberghas defended that, in the case of Finland, the process will be “smooth and fast”.


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