WhatsApp will allow companies to assign specific chats to linked devices

MADRID, Sep 5. (Portaltic/EP) –

WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow companies to assign conversations to specific paired devices, with the aim of offering new alternatives of management for organizations.

In April, WABetaInfo reported that the company was working on implementing the multi-device feature in its enterprise app, which included a new design and a subscription plan to expand the number of computers (‘smartphones’, tablets, etc.) that can be used in the same account.

So, the portal indicated that this multi-device mode, which supports up to four computers connected to the account, could be expanded. up to ten devices with a subscription that was under development for WhatsApp Business.

In this sense, WABetaInfo has made another advance of a new functionality in development, which will be free and exclusive for all commercial accounts.

This will allow you to select conversations and associate them with a specific device linked to the company’s WhatsApp account. That way, if an organization takes advantage of the multi-device feature, you can individually manage communications to be done from each ‘smartphone’.

As this portal has shared, through a screenshot, the application will notify users that the new feature is available in their business account.

Once enabled, all those devices that are connected to that profile will appear whenever they want. assign a certain chat to a mobile or a specific tablet on which said WhatsApp account has been opened. By choosing one of the available devices, this conversation will become part of the chosen mobile.

From WABetaInfo they have indicated that this functionality has been noticed in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS, but that the official version will also be available in the Android version and Desktop coming soon.

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