WhatsApp now allows you to recover messages up to 5 seconds after accidentally deleting them

MADRID, Dec. 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

WhatsApp has introduced a new functionality whereby users will be able to recover an accidentally deleted message using the option ‘Erase for me’ up to five seconds after clicking that option.

Currently, the platform allows you to delete messages or multimedia files through two options, ‘Delete for me’ Y ‘Delete for everyone’. In the latter case, users have up to two days to delete it.

In both cases, to end a message, you must open the WhatsApp conversation or group to which it was sent and click on said text, image, or video. Then, a menu is displayed at the top of the interface, which includes the trash can icon.

If a message ‘for everyone’ is deleted, the message ‘You deleted this message’ will appear in the same place where it was in the conversation for both the sender and the receiver. On the contrary, if you delete a message to yourself, it will simply disappear from the conversation.

Now the company has indicated that it has received opinions from users who have insisted that many times they unconsciously choose this option of ‘Delete for me’ instead of pressing ‘Delete for everyone’, so they cannot make use of the other alternative because messages disappear from conversations without a trace.

For this reason, it has introduced a functionality that allows you to undo the option ‘Delete for me’ and recover the deleted message up to five seconds after pressing that button. For this, WhatsApp will display a popup window over the text field in which the button is included ‘Undo’.

After that time has elapsed, the message will be permanently deleted from your app chat, but the other user in the conversation or other members of a group will still be able to view it.

WhatsApp has indicated that this feature It has already been rolled out to its entire user base. of the platform and that is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

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