What is the campaign that aims to protect children from the digital challenge?

The director of Chicos.Net, Laila Pokorski, pointed out that not everything you see on the internet is bad or dangerous. “What we always recommend is to open the spectrum a little and see how many possibilities social networks bring us,” he explained in Fontevecchia modeon Net TV, Radio Perfil (AM 1190) and Radio Amadeus (FM 91.1).

Laila Pokorski is director of Chicos.Net, a non-profit group that promotes children’s rights in digital environments. Pokorski has a degree in literature from the UBA and a content writer on social networks. Chicos.Net aims at the responsible use of technology and the Internet by children.

Alejandro Gomel: What are the main concerns about the relationship between childhood and technology? What do they observe?

We see many worried families. In recent years, technological changes have been increasing more and more, it is exponential and that sometimes leaves us bewildered. We had a different upbringing with a different internet, but In the face of new changes you have to adapt to those they bring.

AG: What is the role that adults should have?

What we see is that one of the main actions of demonizing, believing that the cell phone is the worst. Our recommendation is to see the nuances, we know that social networks are a fundamental piece of the way we communicate and express ourselves. Sometimes it may seem like kids are looking at their cell phones and doing nothing, but they may be socializing, studying, thinking about ideas, or they may even be acting for their rights. What we always recommend is to open the spectrum a little and see how many possibilities social networks bring us.

Other adult reactions are excessive control, wanting to know everything the children are doing, more than anything because of the danger that may exist on the other side of the screen. As they grow, you have to know how to find a middle point. Two days ago we launched the campaign “If you talked about it, you already won.”, which has a little to do with that. We know that there are no recipes in the world of parenting in general and even less so with technology. What we propose as a basis is intergenerational dialogue, being able to chat as a family about what they are doing and what their interests are, to build consensus about digital life from that.

“If you spoke it, you already won” is a campaign that can be found at the link guys.net/hablasteganaste. The campaign is made up of four main videos, each one addressing a particular topic that concerns the family. One is about the first cell phone and recommendations on when to give the first cell phone. We say that it depends on each child, it should be measured in the degree of independence and the degree of what he is going to use it for. Maybe there are kids who are the same age and some are more prepared and others are not, You have to know the characteristics of each boy.

There is an issue that is also important that has to do with digital games and betting, for example, on sports. How is this addressed?

The issue of video games has been a concern for several years. Studies say that playing games with violent scenes does not necessarily generate violent reactions in children. The topic of betting, what we always say is that digital life has its particular and specific characteristics but there are issues that have to do with how one behaves in real life. Although it is easier to access these types of applications, the talk has to be carried out about not betting excessively and not accessing practices that are not beneficial. There is a responsibility that is joint, which has to do with companies and the State. Very recently a video of Mark Zuckerberg went viral apologizing to the families who suffered, based on some trials that began about how States are beginning to put limits on companies regarding the possibilities of children and adolescents. . Sometimes the laws arrive later, that is why we reinforce them beyond the digital world, in order to prevent them from being violated. There must be a joint responsibility of all the actors who are responsible for the protection of rights in these environments.

Senators scolded Mark Zuckerberg and other social media executives for not protecting minors: “They have blood on their hands”

Where can those who are interested find them?

You can find us on networks like @chicos_net. In the kids.net/hablasteganaste campaign you can find the 4 videos of the campaign and a free card game that we launched with triggers to be able to talk about different topics of digital life with family or schools.


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