What is process mining and how this technology helps companies be more efficient

MADRID, Nov. 18 (Portaltic/EP) –

The process mining (‘process mining’) has become one of the fashionable disciplines in the technology sector, thanks to its analytical capacity when it comes to discovering, controlling and improving company processes.

This technology has come to business with companies like Celonis to extract information from organizational information systemssuch as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) ‘software’, and, in this way, show a clear picture of what is happening in the business.

Beyond the definitions of process mining, it is important to note that this technology has moved beyond the realm of academia and technical research documents a decade ago to become one of the most important technologies in the business world.

Thanks to it, once the worker or manager is able to visualize the company’s processes and their variations as they are executed (in real time), they are able to make better decisionsas explained by the experts at Celonis, a company specialized in this type of solutions since 2011.

The German company, based in Munich and New York, has become one of the leaders in this sector and continues to work on improving its technology, now thanks to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and generative AIto bring out the full potential of the data collected by the platform.

Thus, users of its ‘process mining’ solutions are not only able to graphically see all the processes of their company, but thanks to AI they can “detect and eliminate billions in corporate inefficiencies,” as well as receive recommendations (through generative AI) to achieve faster and more efficient operations in their organizations, experts add.


Process mining has numerous advantages, but Celonis highlights three especially relevant aspects. The first of them is access to objective and fact-based informationderived from real data, to help company workers or managers audit, analyze and improve existing business processes.

On the other hand, they explain that it is “faster, cheaper and more precise” than “the long and often subjective process analysis workshops” which it replaces and, furthermore, they add that process mining works on existing systemsso it is not necessary to make equipment replacements.

Ultimately, this technology allows users to fully understand how their core business processes are executed and find inefficiencies that are interfering with performance before taking intelligent and automated measures (thanks to new tools supported by Artificial Intelligence) to eliminate gaps in these processes and make them more effectivegenerating greater value for the business.

Celonis continues to work in this direction and just this week it held its annual event, Celosphere, in which it brought together more than 3,000 professionals from the IT sector and in which it presented ‘Process Intelligence Graph’, a new tool capable of offering a unified business representation, independent of the system and with intelligent data management. What the company considers the future of process mining.

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