Weekly applications for unemployment benefits in the US fall again and stand at 216,000 applications

MADRID, September 7 (-) –

Initial requests for unemployment benefits in the United States reached a total of 216,000 applications last week, which represents a decrease of 13,000 people compared to the previous record, according to data published this Thursday by the Department of Labor.

In the week ending August 26, the recipients of this subsidy added a total of 1.679 million, which represents a decline in the number of beneficiaries of 40,000 people compared to the 1.719 million of the previous week. In the same comparable period of 2022, citizens with benefits reached 1,316 million.

The main increases occurred in the States of New York (3,581), Oregon (890), Michigan (722), Virginia (466) and Oklahoma (284), while the most pronounced decreases were noted in Ohio (-4,632), Missouri (-1,583), Hawaii (-1,413), Texas (-666) and Connecticut (-464).


The unemployment rate in the US experienced a rise of three tenths in August, reaching 3.8%, while 187,000 non-agricultural jobs were created, a figure higher than the 157,000 new positions created in the seventh month of the year.

The number of unemployed reached 6,355 million in August, compared to 5,841 million in July, including 1,296 million long-term unemployed (those without work for 27 weeks or more), which represented 20.4% of the total number of citizens in unemployment.

For its part, the number of people employed part-time for economic reasons increased by 221,000, to 4.221 million in August. Likewise, the labor force participation rate stood at 62.8%, two tenths more.

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