We can start the race that will define the confluence of the left in Madrid by 2023

Podemos is already moving its pieces on the Madrid board to mark the configuration of the alliances and the electoral map of the left in this territory. This Monday the purple formation advanced the names of the two pre-candidates (they must still go through a primary process) to lead the lists to the community and the City Council: Alejandra Jacinto and Roberto Sotomayor.

Some have seen in this movement, if you take into account that there are oreight months for the municipal and regional elections to be heldan attempt by the group to set the pace for the rest of the Madrid actors.

Under this premise, that the purple formation starts the engine of its internal processes to define candidates and lists could force times and deadlines not only from organizations such as Más Madrid, but also from the United Left, currently in coalition with Podemos in United We Can.

However, the reasons exposed by Ione Belarra are different. In the first place, in the party they consider that eight months to prepare elections as transcendental as those in May of next year, far from being a long time, is a short term. Podemos has spent months preparing its territories for this electoral cycle and renewing its provincial leadership, and the party’s objective is to arrive with the homework done in the pre-campaign months.

In fact, it is very likely that the primary processes to choose the main candidates for the elections end before the end of November, while waiting to know the final calendar.

The second reason has to do with the relationship between Podemos and Más Madrid, and with the difficulties that their confluence seems to anticipate. Beyond the difficult political relationship that exists between both spaces, those of Mónica García are not in favor of an alliance with the purple formation, and the little enthusiasm that could have been extinguished with the troubled pact of the left in Andalusiawhich even today keeps more than one front alive and has even taken its toll on the coexistence between Podemos and Izquierda Unida.

An alliance is not ruled out

For the Madrid party, it is a priority to preserve its acronym and its candidate, since they consider that during the last legislature much and good work has been done to make Más Madrid and Mónica García a real alternative to an Isabel Díaz Ayuso boosted by the polls. In this sense, they do not contemplate an alliance with Podemos that could change its initials and its roadmap, or that a dispute would open to designate the head of the list. In any case, García has “welcomed” the candidacies of those from Belarra and has appealed to “add all in 2023 to remove Ayuso from the Presidency“.

Those of Belarra have witnessed how García and other leaders have ruled out this coalition on several occasions, and have chosen to stop waiting and start their internal process. They do not rule out, yes, that an alliance can be achieved before May, and in fact the designation of Jacinto as a candidate could give a clue.

Lawyer and activist for the right to housing, Alejandra Jacinto is not part of the hard core of the Podemos state leadership. It came from the hand of Pablo Iglesias in the regional elections of May 2021, after the then general secretary of Podemos and candidate for the Community of Madrid convinced her to join his list, along with other representatives of civil society such as the human rights activist and former spokesperson for the Madrid Manteros Union, Serigne Mbayé.

Jacinto is a defender of the alliance with Más Madrid and has a good political relationship with Mónica García. From Podemos they have already made it clear that if Jacinto and Sotomayor win the primaries and become candidates they will be the ones to decide the map of confluences in their respective territories.

If finally an alliance is not achieved, a scenario could arise in which there would be several electoral lists in the space on the left. In fact, some leaders of Podemos in the city of Madrid consider that a large part of the electorate that voted in the previous ones for Más Madrid will vote for Podemos, because “Rita Maestre has a profile that is not liked on the left.”

In this case, the question of what would be the role of the second vice-president of the Government would also arise, Yolanda Diaz, in the Madrid elections. The Minister of Labor has already made it clear that Sumar, which remains to be seen what it translates into at an organic level, would not make it to the municipal and regional elections in any case, so the only possibility is that Díaz campaigned for one of the progressive alternatives in Madrid, as it did in the case of Por Andalucía in that territory.

The sources consulted insist that “it is still too early” to anticipate any scenario, but Podemos has already started up and oiled its machinery, and the race for the confluence of the left in Madrid, if it finally occurs, has already begun.


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