Waste recycling.. Turkish students present a model for preserving the environment

Erzurum/ Talha Koca/ Anatolia

Graduate students at the Department of Sculpture at Ataturk University, Khakan Demir and Osman Yakici, told Anadolu:
– We recycled the waste left behind by industrial metals and turned them into works of art.
With this work, we are working to send a social message urging people to give utmost importance to environmental cleanliness
Through our artwork, we have combined the cold side of metal with the pure and clean face of snow
We worked on producing and shaping our artwork in the exhibition hall for 3 weeks, at a temperature of 5 degrees below zero.

Graduate students at the Turkish Ataturk University in the state of Erzurum (northeast) were able to draw attention to the importance of maintaining a clean environment by displaying sculptures made using metal waste.

The sculptures worked on by the students were displayed at the Atta Glacier Museum in Erzurum, through a project organized in cooperation with Ataturk University and the North-Eastern Anatolia Development Agency.

Faculty members and students in the Sculpture Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Ataturk University are preparing for new exhibitions, by producing projects for the Atta Museum, which is distinguished by being “the only ice museum in Turkey” and which includes ice works illuminated by special lighting systems.

In the exhibition that opened at the Atta Museum, visitors are received in the exhibition hall, where the temperature is 5 degrees below zero.

The exhibition aims to draw attention to the importance of recycling through works, most notably “Ice and Optical Illusions” and “Aesthetic Transformation of Metals,” by two graduate students in the Sculpture Department at Ataturk University, Osman Yakici and Khakan Demir.

The exhibition also draws attention to the process of human life and the importance of recycling waste, through sculptures made from metal parts of waste, collected from garbage and scrap collection places, and preserved in cubes made of ice.

Demir, who manages the metal waste section at the exhibition, told Anadolu correspondent that, through his artistic works, he works to recycle metals, and explained the importance of the recycling process in the ecosystem.

* The exhibition combines ice and minerals

Demir explained that through the exhibition, he and his colleagues wanted to display different artistic models by combining ice and recycled metals.

He added: Through our artistic works, we have combined the cold side of metals with the pure and clean side of snow, indicating that the life of ice is as short as a human’s life, while metal remains in nature for very long periods.

He continued: We recycled industrial metal waste and turned it into works of art. With this work, we are working to send a social message urging people to give utmost importance to environmental cleanliness. Among the works is a portrait of (the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal) Ataturk, made of recycled metals and preserved in an ice block. We created this work of art using approximately 550 recycled metal pieces. At this stage, we are also continuing our metal waste recycling activities and creating new works of art.”

In turn, Yaqiji (48 years old), who manages ice sculpting activities, said that he worked on producing and shaping his artwork in the exhibition hall for 3 weeks, at a temperature of 5 degrees below zero.

He added to the Anatolia correspondent that he and his colleagues are striving to spread environmental awareness and its importance, and that he contributed to the formation of 10 works of art displayed in the exhibition.

Yaqiji also pointed out that he dealt with ice in his artistic works as a model of optical illusions, and that through ice he aims to interpret and give meaning to artistic works that reflect the unconscious accumulation of the environment in human life between the past and the present.

As for Togce Kara (22 years old), she said that she lives in the city of Tekirdağ (northwestern Turkey), and that she came to visit the exhibition as part of a visit she is making to the city of Erzurum.

Togce Kara also pointed out that she liked the exhibition very much, and that the picture of Ataturk and the Turkish flag were among the works of art that she admired most.

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