Vučić: There are no guarantees that mass murders will not happen again

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said this evening on the occasion of two mass murders committed in Serbia that the country must move on so that these things do not happen again in the future and added that there will never be enough guarantees for that, reports Anadolia.

He said in the central news program Dnevnik 2 on Serbian Radio and Television that it is up to Serbian society to come out of the tragedy united.

“I have such traumas that I am afraid every day,” complained Vučić.

He assessed that Serbia as a country has gone a step further compared to other countries when it comes to the fight against the possession of illegal weapons and added that the government has adopted “harsh measures that fundamentally change Serbian society”.

He asked people to go to the nearest police station and take away the illegal weapons and ammunition and stated that he expected “millions of bullets” in that operation.

Vučić said that thanks to the action of voluntary surrender of illegal weapons and ammunition, which will last a month in Serbia, “someone’s lives will be saved”.

He pointed out that the penalties for illegal possession of weapons will be increased and that after the one-month deadline for surrendering the weapons, “the police will raid houses”, assessing that it would be stupid if someone “receives 5, 10 or 15 years in prison for three bullets”.

He added that Serbia will “drastically, to 90 percent, reduce the number of weapons”, saying that this mainly concerns “short barrels that are most often used during liquidations”.

Vučić said that an obligation will be introduced for the 50,000 people who will be left with weapons within 48 hours to respond to the invitation to be tested for narcotics, stressing that these are “difficult and very brave decisions for society.”

He stated that the key measure, which he believes every parent is looking forward to, is that there will be a school policeman in every school in Serbia and he pointed out that these policemen will be “well armed and ready to use force”.

Vučić said that Serbia will increase the number of police officers by 2,500 in order to cover every school and for every parent to feel more secure, “to protect ourselves from monsters and psychopaths.”

He added that the number of pedagogues and psychologists will be increased in Serbia, and that all the measures they recommend will be accepted, estimating that this will “reduce peer violence by 70 percent.”

Vučić, speaking about the opposition’s protests due to the mass murders scheduled for May 8, said that “it is wrong to call for protests” at the present moment and that these are things that are not done “anywhere in the world”, assessing that it “introduces complete chaos” to Serbia.

He added that it was “very bad and harmful for the country” and assessed that it was “an insult to the victims and to all those who have not yet buried their children”.

Vučić stated that the protests of the opposition are being sought by “those people who want us to release the child-monster (who committed the crime, op. a.) so that next time the number of victims will be 100”.

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