Vučić: I returned the law, but not because of the pressure of the street


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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic explained tonight that he returned the Law on Expropriation to the Serbian Parliament because the deadlines left to the owners of the expropriated property were problematic for him, emphasizing that, although part of the public thinks so, he did not do it due to protesters’ pressure. would meet the needs of citizens, reports Anadolu Agency (.).

He said at the press conference that the law did not go through a public debate, that it did not violate the Constitution, but that he received a “strange explanation” that there was no debate because there is a pandemic of kovids.

He pointed out that it was strange because both the ruling parties and the opposition parties “invent the numbers of people” at their rallies and that “everyone would invite five million people to rallies”, but that in that case kovid would not be a problem for them.

Vučić said that his proposal to the Government of Serbia was not to pass any new Law on Expropriation, but to ask for a national convention, to hold the widest public debate that could last up to six months, and to see if there could be a broad social consensus, because without it “will not go” with the new Law on Expropriation.

He assessed that “everyone will say that this is Vučić’s defeat”, but added that it was important for him to be the president of all citizens and to hear them, and stressed that he was addressing people who were worried about the announced opening of the Rio Tinto mine. who saw that it was not his fault “in that, because he” neither brought Rio Tinto nor took money like some others. “

Speaking about the roadblocks organized by citizens dissatisfied with the Law on Expropriation, the Law on Referendum and the opening of the Rio Tinto mine, Vučić said that they were causing “great damage” to Serbia.

He stated that he was proud of the “image of Serbia that did not use water cannons, armored vehicles, did not arrest and mistreat people like all Western democracies did”, that “there are no pictures in Serbia like in the most democratic countries in the world”, and that the government the occupation of highways was “accompanied by silence”, although it is clear that it is an illegal action.

Vučić pointed out that it was absurd that “the man who took 717,000 euros from Rio Tinto” called for demonstrations against Rio Tinto and against him “who took nothing, and who is not on the side of Rio Tinto, but on the side of the citizens”.

He pointed out that he was “happy that part of the Serbian public will say that the withdrawal of the Law on Expropriation is his defeat, and a great victory for the street”, but said that it was not so, but that it was his “meeting the demands of citizens and his desire to drive – Roads will be free “.

He assessed that the protests will continue even though all the demands of the demonstrators were met, and that it is “okay” that they think he was defeated, that he is “extra satisfied if they are happy” and concluded that it is important for him to sleep more peacefully. places around which a mine was to be opened.

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