Vox’s attacks on Irene Montero reinforce the union of the progressive block against the extreme right


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Yolanda Díaz (Sumar), Ione Belarra (Podemos), Alberto Garzón (Izquierda Unida) and Enrique Santiago (Communist Party of Spain) have transferred their public support to Irene Montero after having been the victim of attacks by the extreme right in the Congress of Deputies.

The Vox deputy Carla Toscano He uttered a series of sexist insults against the Minister of Equality. In fact, as she has done on other occasions, she has gotten into Montero’s personal life to try to disqualify her. This time, however, she has managed to get the left en bloc to support Montero.

Both the PSOE and Unidas Podemos as well as international leaders have repudiated Toscano’s words and have expressed their solidarity with the member of the Government. President Pedro Sanchez and the presidents of Chile and Argentina, gabriel boric Y Alberto Fernandez, have joined the shows of support. The head of Equality asked that the “political violence” exercised in “the seat of popular sovereignty” remain in the session journal “so that it is not erased.” “So that after me no one comes”, she has underlined her.

The regional formations support the minister as a block

The progressive and regional formations —fundamental during the legislature for the stability of the Government— have supported the minister en bloc. Montero’s words aroused applause from the left wing of the chamber. Representatives not only of the government parties, but also of formations such as ERC, Bildu, Compromís, Más País or the BNG. Gabriel Rufián has stressed that Vox’s attitude is not only macho, but also classist. “They attack Irene Montero for being a woman, for being on the left and for being from the working class,” he explained. The Basque deputy Mertxe Aizpurúa He has accused the harassment to which Montero has been subjected this week as “indecent” and adds that Toscano’s words have been the “culmination”. Aitor Esteban, of the PNV, has appealed directly to the Presidency of the Chamber to “make himself worth and carry out his work.”

In More Country, Íñigo Errejón Y Monica Garcia have publicly supported the minister. “The attacks against Irene Montero are intolerable. Not one iota, not one centimeter of machismo. All solidarity,” Errejón defended. Ana Pontón, spokesperson for the PNV, has transferred her “solidarity” to Montero, of which she has stated that “no indecent campaign” will be able to stop her “nor any of us who work for the freedom and equality of women within and out of politics.”

Unison shout from Unidas Podemos

The ministers of Unidas Podemos and representatives of the formations they represent have cried out in defense of Montero through social networks. the vice president Yolanda Diaz He has described the “sexist insults and attacks” as “intolerable” and has remarked that “not everything goes in politics”. “Our country is much better than the party of hate”, she has sentenced.

For his part, Alberto Garzon has denounced that “the extreme right has once again demonstrated its toxicity, her hatred of feminism and to the rights of women and also its incompatibility with the basic principles of democracy”. He has sent his support to Montero in the face of this “new and infamous attack”.

Enrique Santiago, general secretary of the PCE: “Vox degrades democracy”

Enrique Santiago, general secretary of the PCE, has maintained that Vox “degrades democracy and Equality policies on a daily basis” and that this time it has done so with the argument of branding the head of Equality “and Congress as ‘sexually obsessed’ and ‘ pedophiles'”. The leader recalled that the ultra-right party was “the only party that nay to investigate pedophilia and sexual abuse in the Church”.

Joan Subirats (linked to the Comuns) has lamented “what happened in the Congress of Deputies”, something that he has defined as “unacceptable”. “All my solidarity and support to Irene Montero“, Has kept. Ione Belarra, general secretary of Podemos, has written that “sometimes the magnitude of the advances and attacks is seen more clearly from the outside.” “Excited with the international support that is receiving Irene Montero and the feminist policies that it is promoting”, has celebrated.

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