Vox will vote against Ayuso’s budget for 2023

Vox will vote against the 2023 budget project of the Madrid government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, sources from the national party announced to EFE on Tuesday and the party leader in Madrid, Dew Monastery.

The political formation of Vox, which was initially in favor of allowing the approval of the accounts with its abstention, will thus prevent the budgets of the Madrid’s community.

This is a decision that has been adopted after the Chamber table has decided not to include Vox’s 86 partial amendments to the budgets, presented six minutes after the deadline to do so expired on the 2nd.

Monasterio: “We cannot vote in favor or abstain in a budget in which the debate has been censored”

As the national leadership of the party has reiterated in a press release, they will vote no to the Madrid budgets, and in an interview on Telemadrid Monasterio stressed: “We cannot vote in favor or abstain from a budget in which we have been censored the debate and, consequently, in which only the proposals of the left will be debated”.

“The PP prefers to negotiate its budgets with More Madrid, PSOE and Podemos“, he stated, to which he added that the Díaz Ayuso group is “the wrong enemy” because Vox has shown that it is “a loyal partner” that has tried “until the last second to reach an agreement.”

The national party has rectified in a matter of minutes the deputy spokesperson for Vox in the Madrid Assemblywho in the press conference after the Board of Spokespersons had left up in the air the decision that his parliamentary group will make in view of the 2023 budget project of the Community of Madrid.

Thus, the accounts will be debated on December 21 and 22 in the regional Chamber and will foreseeably be rejected, with which Ayuso will reach the 2023 elections with only a few budgets approved (those of 2022) in four years of presidency.

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