Vox will seek again to reproach Marlaska in Congress for the “discredit” caused in the Interior with his management

MADRID, June 3. (.) –

Vox will seek again this week in Congress to fail the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, for the “discredit and degradation” that his management has caused both to the ministerial department and to “each and every one of the institutions dependent on it “.

The formation reproaches him for the strategy to “cut off” rights during the states of alarm by Covid-19 – later declared unconstitutional -, the “sectarian legislation” on sexist violence that turns men into “potential criminals” or the ” abandonment” of officials, including prison officials. Also “banalize” hate crimes to attack political dissidence or the “negligent” immigration policy of “open borders.”

This is stated in a motion, consulted by Europa Press, as a result of the interpellation defended in plenary by the Vox deputy Macarena Olona, ​​coinciding with her last day in Congress before fully embarking on the campaign as a candidate of this party for the Board of Andalusia.

Grande-Marlaska is the minister with the most requests for disapproval so far in the legislature, although none has gone ahead. The main opposition parties have asked Congress on several occasions to point them out for issues such as the approach of ETA prisoners to Basque prisons and contacts with the ETA environment, the dismissal of Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos or the third degree for the murderer of a child in Lardero (La Rioja).

In all these attempts at disapproval, Grande-Marlaska has linked the strategy of Vox and PP with his management at the head of the Interior, but he defends that what he is looking for is to “recover dignity”. In this sense, he repeatedly cites the “partisan use” of the resources of the State Security Forces and Bodies in ‘Operation Kitchen’ or the precarious conditions in which the agents were housed on boats during the referendum on 1 -EITHER.


On May 25, the Minister of the Interior defended himself against Olona’s criticism, linking this group to the tension and booing he himself suffered at a ceremony held at the Avila Police School. According to Grande-Marlaska, there were more reproaches to those beeps in an official act, which linked to the fact that society does not want tension and, therefore, “it is already beginning to silence” Vox.

In his farewell to Congress, Olona also alluded to the controversy over the reference made by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to the tweets sent to Catalonia to deal with 1-O. “Better to be a tweety than a traitor, than a sellout, than a coward and an unworthy person,” said the deputy. “The Spanish people have condemned him, he is on the side of the glorious Piolins,” she said.

Grande-Marlaska reproached Vox for being “deniers”, even from the autonomous communities such as Andalusia that they now want to preside over. In his speech, he defended that the way to give prestige to the Police and Civil Guard is by increasing staff and salaries or doubling the means to fight against sexist violence.

A year ago, in another attempt at disapproval, the head of the Interior intoned several times in Congress the “enough is enough” against what he defined as “harassment.” “For being brave, since 2018 both my team and myself have been suffering from these campaigns and the accusation by the PP and Vox parliamentary groups,” he said.

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