Vox silences those who call him a fascist in Castilla y León, but accuses the left of “filoetarra and a coup leader”

The far right Juan Garcia-Gallardo, vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León by direct election of the popular Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, again charges against the PSOE based on insults. Now, he uses Twitter to write -and two consecutive days-: “They are a band supported by coup leaders, philoetarras and communists. And it must be said every day”while accompanying the text with a photograph of him from the podium in a plenary session of the Cortes pointing to the socialist bench.

Nevertheless, Vox does not allow, from the most exquisite education, to be called “fascists”, as happened on November 30, when the president of the Cortes (Carlos Pollán, from Vox) took the floor from the spokesperson for United We Can, Pablo Fernandezfor assuring that García-Gallardo “professes fascist ideology with relish and delight”.

“Under the presidency of Vox in the Cortes they can call you from assassin a motherfucker and nothing happens, but You can’t call a fascist a fascist. It’s scandalous,” lamented the Leonese politician after the incident.

Pollán’s call to order to Fernández came after the United We Can party assured that the controversial García-Gallardo “incarnates the worst and most abject of politics. You are someone who professes with relish and delight the fascist ideology. He is someone who has a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and classist discourse.”

After this sentence, in just 25 seconds on the stand, Pollán called him to order and asked him to withdraw the fascist expression. Fernández assured that “fascism is a political ideology” and did not back down, the president of the Cortes called him to order for the second and third time, he took the floor and urged him to leave the stand. Barely a minute and ten seconds could be the Leonese in the use of the word.

The next day, Pablo Fernández himself lamented in an interview on the Cuatro program Everything is a lie that “it is no coincidence that Castilla y León is one of the few in which we do not have an LGTBI law, that the decree of historical memory, which by the way had been made by the PP, has been repealed, that women are being vilified, is harassing immigrants, harassing unions… That is part of a political ideology that is the fascist ideology.“, stressed the one from United We Can.

Gallardo, without disapproval after calling the PSOE a “criminal gang”

Something completely opposite to what happened in the same scenario on October 25, when the vice president was asked about compliance with the 2030 Agenda by the Junta de Castilla y León, in the government control session. In his response, García-Gallardo sent the socialist “a message for the leader of his criminal gang” so that “as soon as possible” he goes to preside over the Socialist International because “the Spanish cannot stand another minute the betrayals and crimes of Mr. Sánchez“, he assured.

At that time, the socialist vice-spokesperson, Patricia Gomez Urban, requested the withdrawal of those statements or, where appropriate, that the president of the Cortes, Carlos Pollán, call him to order.

On two occasions, the president of the Cortes asked García-Gallardo if he wanted to withdraw this statement, which he denied on both occasions, alluding, first, to the fact that “the best proof that it is a criminal gang is that they have committed the greatest crime of corruption”, while on the second occasion he sentenced: “I have no intention of withdrawing anything because the PSOE has a proven criminal history“.

“I would like the session to continue with a minimum of order. I beg the entire chamber to remain silent while they intervene,” the president of the Cortes -also from Vox- appealed to the parliamentarians. And there it all stopped.

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