Vox maintains its strategy of harassment and demolishes Irene Montero and burns Congress again

Far from retracting after the noise generated by his attacks on Irene Montero, Vox insists on its strategy of harassment and demolishes the Minister of Equality. far right has set fire to Congress again this Thursday. This time he has done it through deputy Víctor Sánchez del Real, who has been reduced to a simple “nun school fight” all the controversy generated by the macho insults to Irene Montero poured out the day before by her colleague, the deputy Carla Toscano.

Sánchez del Real has come out in defense of the “manliness and courage” of his partner and he has questioned what in his opinion is a double standard of measurement of the Table of Congress for not censoring, he said, those who insult Vox.

Also, The far-right deputy has denounced the “lukewarm” reaction of both the PP and the PSOE when the deputies of United We Can and members of the Table Javier Sánchez Serna and Gerardo Pisarello shouted at Toscano for his criticism of Montero. “In the presence of all of you and of this Presidency, they yelled at a woman who did not cry because A single Vox deputy has more manliness, more bravery, courage than the entire Table of Congress and that all left-handed deputies”, he stressed.

Sánchez del Real has thus supported Toscano after his statement that the only merit of the head of Equality has been “studying Pablo Iglesias in depth”. In addition, he has criticized the fact that it is not possible to talk about the “scarce, dire, ridiculous and absent” resume not just from one person, but from a “lot”because you asked: “How many of these gentlemen have had at least one black friday of work experience?”, alluding to the parliamentarians of United We Can.

With a victimist and false toneSánchez del Real has warned the PP and the PSOE that the “communists” are after them and he has stressed that “in the face of communism there is no need for t-shirts”. “I teach them this [el pecho] and his partners this [la nuca]. Come here we are, because here is a Spain that refuses to die and resists being assassinated as are her customs,” she challenged.

And as part of this strategy to maintain tension, Vox deputy Carla Toscanothe same one that launched macho insults against Montero from the rostrum of Congress, has returned this Thursday to charge against the minister, although this time it has done so in a mocking tone.

Toscano has mocked the matter on his Twitter account: “I would like to apologize for my intervention yesterday. No one should doubt that the minister has an excellent preparation,” the far-right deputy ironized. She then added in the same tweet that Montero’s worth is shown by “his defense of pedophilia, the release of rapists, the increase in attacks on women and all his greatest hits”.

Toscano was the protagonist this past Wednesday of the attacks on Montero when she argued from the Congressional rostrum that “the only merit” of the minister is “having studied Pablo Iglesias in depth”, her partner and founder of Podemos. Unknown to many Carla Toscano is the image and voice of the denialism of gender violence in the Congressional Equality Commission, where his fiery criticism of Irene Montero is more than well known, which he elevated to the category of personal attack last Wednesday.

Toscano’s insults have generated a wave of criticism and support for Irene Montero from the rest of the political parties, compared to the support shown by Vox leaders and parliamentarians.

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