Vox demands to enter the Government of Castilla y León: “What a vice-presidential face is being given to García-Gallardo”

With 13 seats and 17.6% of the votes at 96% counted, Vox is decisive in deciding the Government of Castilla y León. Together with the 31 prosecutors that the PP has removed, they add up to an absolute majority. An exultant Santiago Abascal stated in Valladolid that his idea this time was to enter the Government of the Community. First, he made a comment in a cheerful tone – “what a vice-presidential face is being put on Juan García Gallardo” – and then he said it formally: “Now it’s time for vice-president. We demand respect for the verdict of the sovereign people.” .

“Vox has the right and the duty – he added – to form a government in Castilla y León. The mandate is clear, based on the strength that Castilians and Leonese have given us. We will not demand more or better than what corresponds to us, in the table, our program, industrialization and agriculture”.

Abascal also winked at interior Spain -UPL, Soria Ya and Por Ávila won seven seats among the three-: “We are going to be the tribunes of provincial Spain, these platforms may not be decisive in a government but we are going to do that their demands are on the table in a future government”.

“We are aware -added Abascal- of how [ha sufrido] inland Spain because the separatists took everything while here the infrastructure and hope for the youth were lacking. In the next few days, we will speak with all those political forces and we hope to be able to give great joy.”

“There is no better and braver militancy in all of Spain than that of Vox. It is an important issue of democratic order. We have seen how they have tried to influence the vote. The Tezanos on the left and on the right have played corruptly, we had the data Above the polls, you go to the polls and teach the corrupt and the cheats a lesson,” said Abascal.


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