Vox demands in Congress to ban products from third countries treated with chemicals banned in Europe

MADRID, Feb. 11 (-) –

Vox brings to Congress an initiative with which it aims to “safeguard the interests of the Spanish countryside” and guarantee the viability of the primary sector, for which it proposes prohibiting the import of agri-food products from third countries that have been treated with phytosanitary products prohibited in Europe.

This is a motion resulting from a question that those from Santiago Abascal addressed to the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, last Wednesday and that will be voted on in the next plenary session, scheduled for the week of February 19. Vox denounces in the initiative, collected by Europa Press, the crisis that the primary sector is going through, in its opinion, due to “community impositions and unfair foreign competition.”

For this reason, the training urges the Government to denounce and reject before the European institutions the European Green Deal and all the regulations derived from it. Also to promote a reorientation of agricultural policies and practices within the European Union, especially the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), so that the “insufficient” aid is increased to strengthen the primary sector and the entire agri-food industry. .

Abascal’s party also demands guarantees for the application of the Principle of Reciprocity and increased border controls, “especially with Morocco”, to ensure that imported products comply with internal EU regulations and the tariff amounts established in the agreement. free trade.

Likewise, it proposes promoting the necessary actions in the EU to respect the principle of reciprocity through mirror clauses, that is, that the imported product has the same requirements and conditions as what is produced in local markets.


Along these lines, training requires ending unfair competition from third countries through control mechanisms for non-EU imports, establishing quotas, compensatory tariffs and reviewing minimum entry prices.

In parallel, Vox suggests increasing the staffing and material supply of border inspection posts in the State’s Ports, especially in those with high agricultural imports.

On the other hand, the party wants to increase controls on imports and labeling to prevent the fraudulent marketing of products as “origin Spain” that are not of Spanish origin.


But in addition, Vox proposes opposing the free trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur as long as it is not guaranteed that it does not harm any sector of the industry and that it brings benefits to farmers.

Finally, those from Abascal ask for a plan to promote the consumption of the national product, demand in Europe the application of the principle of community preference, the development of a National Water and Irrigation Plan and clarify the facts surrounding the stoppage of the water project. irrigation in Tierra de Barros.

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