Vox closes ranks with its candidate for the Generalitat Valenciana after learning that he was convicted of sexist violence

On December 22, the National Executive Committee of VOX appointed Carlos Flores Juberias, professor of Constitutional Law, as a candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana in view of the upcoming elections in May 2023. Only a week later it came to light that in 2002 he had been convicted of sexist violence, a fact that the formation of Santiago Abascal, says the candidate, he knew before choosing him. Indignation has settled in Valencian politics while the ultra-right closes ranks with Flores Juberías.

The Valencian newspaper lift VME Last week he published the content of the sentence that sentenced the Vox candidate to one year in prison for “psychic violence” against his ex-wife and up to 21 offenses of coercion, insults and harassment.

In the sentence issued by Criminal Court No. 7 of Valencia, and ratified by the Provincial Court of Valencia, it is considered proven according to lift VME that Flores Juberías persecuted his ex-partner up to 21 times and that he insulted and threatened her and her father (her former father-in-law) in front of the three children the couple had.

One day after this episode, the sentence includes, he went to the school where his children studied to threaten his ex-wife: “Child kidnapper, more than a thief, I’ll be screwing you all your life until you die and I finish you off”. In addition, the forensic psychiatric report indicates “a psychological breakdown” in the victim who “has presented a picture of weight loss, anxiety and insomnia.” The same report states that she was “afraid of her ex-husband” and refers to the “Dire emotional situation of minors”.

The sentence that is reproduced was handed down in 2002, when the crime had not yet been classified as gender violence, something that happened two years later, in 2004. Flores Juberías was sentenced to one year in jail, disqualified from serving for one year. to be elected by passive suffrage, restraining order to his ex-wife for three years and compensation for civil liability of 6,000 euros.

Justifies the “conflict” of the divorce process

In a statement issued on December 29the professor of Constitutional Law justified that the sentence “is part of a marital separation process that arose twenty-three years ago, which became conflictive due to the existence of disagreements regarding the custody and domicile of the three minor children of the marriage ” and that “the consequence of this conflict was an exchange of mutual complaints that one after the other were archived or resulted in acquittals with the sole exception” of the one that has been made public.

According to the head of the far-right poster for the regional elections on May 28 in the Valencian Community, Vox was aware of this sentence. So much so that the fact that it has been made public has not provoked any reaction from those of Santiago Abascal, who ratify his candidacy.

Puig asks the PP to be “attentive” to his fellow travelers

The president of the Generalitat, the socialist Ximo Puig, has described it as “very problematic, especially taking into account that this party (Vox) permanently denies the existence of sexist violence.” “I think that both the right and the extreme right must always condemn this situation and must be absolutely c,” he said, pointing to the Popular Party.

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