Vox calls on the PP to repeal the regional gender violence law and the decree on Historical Memory

The leader of Castilla y León of Vox, Juan García-Gallardo, has defended in a press conference that the votes of his formation they are worth “neither more nor less” than those of other political groups. He has recalled that other groups, in previous legislatures, have managed to join the Government with less representation. “We are going to make our votes count.”

At the same time, he acknowledges that they will go to the negotiations with “flexibility” and with the understanding that they will not be able to apply their entire electoral program. Gallardo says that he will not deal with the PP, for the moment, agreements for councils and charges, but affirms that he will bring two demands to the negotiation: repeal “in minute one” “left-wing” regulations such as the regional law against Gender Violence and the decree that regulates the Historical Memory in this community.

Gallardo’s words come a day after Santiago Abascal expressed his desire to see his candidate as regional vice president. The national leader of Vox added that they will demand entry into the Executive and that they will not give their support to the Popular Party.

Gallardo, the candidate with homophobic and sexist tweets

The politician’s demands are in tune with the messages that he published on social networks years ago and that he ended up deleting from his profile. “Being a feminist is ridiculous, even more so if you’re not a woman”, “You have to heterosexualize that sport full of fagots”, “It’s been years since a gypsy robbed me, a feeling between impotence and nostalgia” are some of the statements that the far-right representative has written on the internet.

The PP is a “cowardly right wing” for Gallardo

In fact, for Gallardo, the PP falls within the “cowardly right-wing” label deployed by those of Abascal, also in the Castilla y León campaign. “We are as we are because the PP is as it is. Cowardly and submissive,” he protested in a tweet. In another writing, he appealed directly to the popular president, Paul Married: “I wish you had taken better advantage of the academic opportunities that your parents gave you instead of dedicating yourself to placing the chairs at the PP rallies.”

The debate on “the cordon sanitaire”

Vox’s claims to access the regional Cabinet have also focused on another political actor: the PSOE. Would the Socialists be willing to support a Mañueco government to prevent the entry of Vox? For the time being, the PSOE has confirmed that “no alternative” and that during the campaign they have seen how several representatives of the PP showed their willingness to agree with Vox. Isabel Diaz Ayusoduring one of the campaign events, said that he preferred “agree with Ortega Lara’s party than with those who kidnapped him.”

The popular ones would use the agreements of the PSOE with EH Bildu or ERC to justify a hypothetical government pact with Vox. This would distance those of Casado from the approaches of the center-right forces of the rest of the countries of the European Union.

The Socialists have already begged the PP to establish a cordon sanitaire for the extreme right as in Germany. Adriana Lastra, asked the PP to follow the german example and to remember that “the defense of democracy goes beyond partisan interests.” The deputy general secretary of the PSOE warned Casado that he must stop “expanding” and “opening the door” of the institutions to Vox.


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