Vox assures that “people have turned their backs” on the government and “the only thing there is is a zero sum game of PSOE and Podemos”


The spokesman for Vox in the Congress of Deputies, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has assured that “people have already turned their backs on this government a long time ago” and that “the only thing there is is a zero-sum game between PSOE and Podemos to see who is more radical and who gets some of their votes”.

This is how he responded to journalists in Ronda (Málaga) when asked about the visit of the Secretary General of the PSOE and President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to Seville to participate in the first act of the campaign ‘The Government of the people’ together with the General Secretary of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, and the Mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz.

“We already know that Pedro Sánchez is in competition with Podemos to see who is more extremist, that is why he steals the slogans as the people’s issue,” he said, adding that “people have already turned their backs on this government for for a long time and cannot withstand another year of the economic disaster of double-digit inflation, of new taxes such as gas or of Spain being the last country in the EU to recover the GDP prior to the crisis”.

In this way, he has stressed that “there is no doubt that people are turning their backs on this government” and “and the only thing there is is a zero-sum game between PSOE and Podemos to see who is more radical and who takes some of your votes.

On the other hand, and questioned about Russia’s decision to cut off gas to Europe, Espinosa de los Monteros pointed out that “this is blackmail and a way to tighten the screws on Europe, a Europe that has put itself in the hands of Russia and has made itself dependent on Russian gas in a completely irresponsible way for many years.” “Those of us who had been denouncing that were called anti-Europeanists and extreme right-wingers and today reality prevails,” he said.

“We have been laying a trap for ourselves for many years, but Spain and Europe can do a lot to recover their energy sovereignty,” he assured, since he added that “we have to stop dismantling nuclear power sources or go back to to recover energy from coal” and that this “climatic madness has led us to raise the bill for gas, electricity, even oil as we have never known”.

Finally, and regarding the G7 agreement to limit the price of Russian oil, he indicated that in the case of Spain “we have tripped ourselves up with the climate change law, which all parties have voted for except Vox , and with which we are prohibited from exploiting our own resources”, with which later “it is very difficult to try to influence the market”.


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