Vox asks Feijóo to clarify if he wants a “patriotic alternative” with Abascal or a “Frankenstein” pact with Sánchez


Vox believes that the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, must resolve the “crossroads” at which he finds himself between forming a “patriotic alternative” together with Santiago Abascal or, instead, “yielding” to a “Frankenstein” pact with the PSOE in the form of a grand coalition.

At a press conference, the Vice President of Political Action of Vox, Jorge Buxadé, has denied that after the next general elections there are only the two options that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has cited: a government of PP and Vox or an Executive of the PSOE and “Yolanda Diaz”. In his opinion, the third option is that of a grand coalition between ‘popular’ and socialists, and Feijóo should clarify this.

“The PP can join our social and patriotic alternative or give in to pressure from the PSOE, part of the media and billionaires and agree with the socialists following the model of Germany’s failure,” he maintained.

As he lamented, the ‘popular’ “one day they say one thing and another they say the opposite.” And, she has warned, this lack of definition generates “despair and lack of illusion” among voters who are “desiring” to “end” the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

“There is a perceived need to put an end to the Sánchez government and the PP has to decide. Either it joins our alternative or it surrenders to that media pressure to support that Frankenstein model that would be the grand coalition,” he has called, trusting that Feijóo “will solve well” this “equation”.

For Vox, the example is Castilla y León and the coalition government formed between both parties, which those of Abascal see as “the path” that must be followed in the rest of the regional and national institutions.

At this point, he has avoided criticizing Feijóo for not attending the inauguration of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco as president of Castilla y León on Tuesday –“it is an internal matter, they will know”–, but he has criticized that the alternative that have on the agenda is a meeting with the CCOO and the UGT, unions that Vox believes “do not represent” the workers.

“This is not the time to feel offended,” Buxadé said about Feijóo’s statements regarding Vox or his absence at Mañueco’s inauguration. As he has pointed out, Spain has “more emergencies” and that is why the PP must “pluck the daisy” and clarify his position.

“We do know where to go, we are clear about our alternative, our project, objectives and the most peremptory issues – he assured -. And we ask the Popular Party to resolve it now”. In any case, he has recognized that “it is not pleasant” that “who has to be with you in the same battle has doubts”, especially because of the “despair or disappointment that it generates in the voter”.

In addition, he has rejected the proposal that the most voted list govern, an idea that he has recalled that ‘popular’ and socialists take up “historically” based on their interests. “In a regime of parliamentary democracy, the parliamentary majorities decide. These ideas must not be sacralized,” she has requested.


Before the next elections in Andalusia, Buxadé has urged the regional president, Juanma Moreno, to announce the date at once, who has recalled that Vox has been demanding for months.

Once the elections have been called, it will be when Vox announces its regional candidate, who will be appointed by the National Executive Committee; although Buxadé has assured that “there is no rush” and the planned procedures will be followed without haste.

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