Vox and international pressure get Bolivia to supply medicines to the illegally detained opponent

After ten days illegally detained, Luis Fernando Camacho, governor of the Bolivian state of Santa Cruz and an opponent, has received the human immunoglobin he needs to live. Thus, it has been confirmed on his Twitter account by the Vox deputy, victor gonzalezwho this week was expelled from Bolivia for going to defend human rights in Bolivia after the illegal detention of the governor of Santa Cruz.

The opponent was arrested on December 28 by the Luis Arce regime in a police operation, which was described by the Santa Cruz Governor’s Office as “completely irregular.” After several days in prison, his wife and son denounced that Luis Fernando Camacho’s jailers were denying him the medication he needed.

A request to which Vox joined from the beginning, giving it visibility. Finally, this defense of the party of Santiago Abascal and international pressure have achieved that, after ten days, the dictatorial regime of Luis Arce supplies him with the medicines he needs to continue living. At this time, the opponent continues to be detained in the Chonchocoro prison, in La Paz.

The IACHR asks for explanations

For his part, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has requested information from the Government of Bolivia on the detention of the governor of Santa Cruz. The body gives the Arce regime ten days to give them an answer.

Luis Fernando Camacho began to be known in 2019 when he denounced electoral fraud in favor of the then president Evo Morales. After Camacho’s complaint, strong protests broke out that forced Morales to resign from the presidency. For this reason, now the current government of Luis Arce accuses Camacho of a coup d’état.

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