Vishnu’s suffering as ‘all pains’ .. Lakshmi Manchu who shared the photo .. Netizens commanding in a range


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An unknown relationship has been established between the Manchu family and netizens. Not to mention those who are active on social media. Same trolling‌. Among the Manchu family members especially Vishnu Manchu and Lakshmi Manchu are very active on social media. They share their views, photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram. However, we notice that netizens are reacting sarcastically and sarcastically in their own range. This trolling has increased especially since Vishnu Manchu was elected as our President. With the recent release of the Snaf India movie starring Manchu Mohan Babu as the hero, it is not clear what range the trolling took.

Recently, netizens started trolling Vishnu Manchu and Lakshmi Manchu postings once again. It is known that Vishnu is currently making a film with a director named Surya. For this, Vishnu did a dance rehearsal and tweeted that his body was in pain. Netizens are already commenting on O Range. Some say it’s a song with Sunnyleone, but some say it’s really hard. Vishnu reacted when he posted comments saying ‘Dance, fight scene’. Our choreographer Vishnu says that if I dance, it is like fight moments.

On the other side, Lakshmi Manchu occasionally went on vacation with her family. While sharing the photo taken with the father at that time, some would like to share a good photo .. but some would like to share the photo with your husband .. will always be with your family. Stay with your husband’s family! Some are commenting. Thus the descendants of the Snow Family are commanded by trolls with comments and memes.


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